The Ceremony
I couldn’t wait for the day when I could get my assigned fairy, the day that everyone who had passed their final exams had been looking forward to. The day I would finally have something magical, and just for me. I had labored over a textbook for months to pass my Fairy Exam, detailing how to a fairy ability and make sure my fairy wouldn’t leave.
I had done everything the book had said to make sure my fairy would never want to desert me. I had arranged all my books in page order, the way fairies liked. I had thrown out every single sugary pastry in my house- fairies couldn’t stand the scent of them. I had even bought a patch of Magic Rutabaga to eat every night after dinner despite the fact that I recoiled at the sight of it.
“You know, when I was your age, we didn’t have fairies at all, Livi, and we managed just fine. I don’t understand all the fuss! Your brother let his go, and look where he is now? He’s a doctor who tends to Elven Surgery!”
I groaned. Mom had lectured me with this enough. Back in her day, no one had believed in fairies, and she still didn’t accept that they were part of life.
Ever since they had won the war with the Genies, they had revealed themselves, and in return for their services, the human world had all of it’s citizens working for a fairy company for five years, in exchange for a life long ability. It was worth it.
“But Mom, what if my fairy gives me the ability to become an amazing doctor? Then would you still want me to release her?”
I didn’t want a fairy to make me a boring, crusty doctor like my brother. I wanted a fairy like my eldest sister, River did; because ever since she had passed her exam and gotten her fairy, she had the ability to look perfect in every photo. It was a mundane ability compared to the kids who could now become invisible, fly, or run at the speed of light, however.
So, that day, I had skipped over to school, for once in my life, and managed to get first in line to wait for our Fairy Ceremony. Everyone would be able to see what ability I would have as I gracefully danced onto the stage, and recieved my fairy. I would quietly demonstrate my newfound talent in front of the crowd, shocking them all.
“This is my day,” I whispered.
The elves that were presenting the Ceremony this year finally arrived on stage after an hour of waiting for them to show up. We were all expecting their tardiness, however; elves still blatantly refused to drive cars, instead traveling on foot.
“Fairy Care Malpractice is the leading cause of arrest in the human world. Be sure to take the proper precautions.”
As the petit elf droaned the same speech out as was said every year, the anxious crowd began to hiss in exasperation. I knew their pain. There just wasn’t time for this!
“And without further ado, we call up the first girl to get their fairy- Livi, please come to the stage,” the taller elf deadpanned.
Scurrying up the floating steps, I hardly remembered that I was supposed to appear poised. Instead of moving up as smoothly as water flows, I was about as graceful as a cow trying to climb a fence. Tripping over a fairy cage, I stumbled, prompting all of my classmates to break out into giggles. Nonetheless, I paid them no mind. This was my time to get what I had been waiting for so patiently.
Crossing my fingers, I longed to get something astounding, like the ability to see through lies. That wasn’t setting the bar of expectations too high, as it was a fairly common ability. Yes, I knew that would be the one for me.
The taller elf held out his hands that held the Ceremonial Jug that would reveal my fate. He poured the contents, clear as glass, but thick as molasses, onto my palm. A pair of fragile wings jutted out and a beautiful creature began to rise. I held my breath as I began to see my fairy. She gave me a grin, and I knew that she was going to be a stupendous fairy. By the looks of her Crimson locks, she would give me a fire ability. I couldn’t wait to never burn again.
The crowd cheered, and stared expectantly at the elf, watching to see who my fairy was.
“Congratulations, Livi,” the tall elf said, “allow me to introduce you to your...”
I could hardly contain the urge to squeal. It was all too surreal.
“Parking Fairy!”
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