A new world
I’m Zele.
Yep, that’s my name. I don’t know much about my biological parents, except that my mom, Blythe Waters was a lawyer and my dad, Nelson Waters served in the American army for nine years. My biological mom died of a sudden heart attack when she was twenty-nine, just a year after she had me. My biological dad, who was twenty-seven when my mom died, was killed by a rebellious group of teenagers who were against the ideals of the American army while he was serving another year later. Two weeks after my second birthday, I was handed to my dad’s best friend’s sister and her husband, whow were unable to have children and wanted to adopt one. I, Zele Waters, became Zele Tinner.
I always knew I was adopted. They confirmed it when I was fourteen, (and that’s when they actually told me about the history of my biological parents, I just thought I was picked up from an orphanage before that) but I’ve always known. I’m not an idiot who was trying to convince myself that I can be a different race from my parents. I’m half Irish, half black and my eyes are light green from my dad’s (who was born to Irish parents) and my hair is dark brown and curly. I usually keep it up in braids because it’s so untamed and wild. But my skin color is somewhere in the middle, I’m not as light-skinned as the white kids are and not as dark as the blacks. My adoptive parents, Mom and Dad- I call them, (OBVIOUSLY) are both Asian. My mom’s Sri Lankan, and my dad is Chinese. Their parents were immigrants, and they’ve grown up here, so I’ve had a much more liberal upbringing than other kids with Asian parents. It’s a bit strict though, but pretty reasonable.
For example, when I go on a date, I need to text my parents the restaurant and the location, in case of an emergency. They tell me that if I’m dating a guy, they’ll only meet him after like we’ve been on three dates and it’s serious. Of course, they do monitor whether the guy is good or not. I have a boyfriend currently, Aedan. If you’re thinking his ancestry is as complicated as mine, you’re wrong. He’s white.
Anyways.... tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday and that, my friends, is a big day! Now I know, sixteen is a big day for everyone... it’s the day you progress into a step closer towards adulthood, legal to drive etc etc.
But it’s special for me... I’m going to get the gift my ‘biological’ parents left for me before they died. I’ve hardly ever cried about my biological parents but they sound like really cool people. I won’t trade Mom and Dad for anything now, not even a chance to meet my biological parents and I hate mushy stuff, but unfortunately I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if, you know, they didn’t die. I like to be brave, and I tell everyone I don’t cry, that I’m happy but sometimes I do tear up in private. I just can’t help it, I’m only a human....
Haha, I’m not soaking this page with my tears. Zele doesn’t soak pages- that’s a fact. ‘Coz Zele hates having to wait for the paper to dry. Note that. That’s a fact!
Well, whatever.... ;)
My dad, before he went to serve in the army, left a gift for me just in case anything happened. My mom took a leaf from his book and left a gift too. And how fortunate they did it... I should have AT LEAST SOMETHING FROM MY PARENTS, even though I’m going to inherit their wealth when I’m 18. But I’m talking about something which isn’t money, and a possession that they really gave me... like something that has emotional value... ugh, I don’t like any MUSHY SENTIMENTAL STUFF! But that’s the only way to say it.
So yeah, that’s why I’m excited.
Thumbs up people!
Bye fifteen !
Hello... SIXTEEN!
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