Our futures had been twined, not linked, and i guess that way is better
Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines - Me and You
Like parallel lines we had never converged, just travelled on, side by side. Our futures had been twined, not linked, and I guess that way is better.
Otherwise, we would conjoin just once and then drift apart, like perpendicular lines, and we would never see each other again. We would fade into memory.
Life and love - two strings woven together. Yet isn’t it sad that our futures are based upon something so fragile, something that cannot support our weight.
All this time, we had been wasting what was given to us, and now I cannot touch you, even for a fleeting moment, as I would destroy us both. Our shared reality.
We would stumble and fall, and I would never be able to see you again. Not in a lifetime. There would be no going back.
Our souls will never melt nor merge. We will be forever torn apart, one of us on either side of a gaping chasm.
I guess it is luck that we had always known how to go on, how to persist. Otherwise, our scratches and scars would’ve destroyed our humanity.
At least our hearts will never be permanently shattered.
As long as our lines go straight and true, we are progressing.
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