The story of sophia bentsworth
I’m Sophia Bentsworth.Most people call me Sophe. I don’t care what you call me, as long as it’s not Pigface or Wobble Bum or Fat Face or anything that the boys call me. Daisy likes to call me ‘S’. It’s pronounced ‘Ess’. I like Daisy.
At school, I’m on the bottom table. I do know how to do the work but I just don’t want to do it. I don’t see the point, not if I’m going to follow in my Fathers’ footsteps. He was part of a political party that is the most important group in Parliament. He was, until he got shot and killed. So if I’m going to follow in his footsteps, like he always told me too, then there’s on point. I used to be on the highest table, but then Dad died and I realised what was the point.
Whenever we get homework, I do do it. Miss. Homestresk doesn’t believe me. She says my Dad does it. That’s a lie. Father doesn’t even live with me. Father is dead! Everyone at school knows I can do all the work, they understand why I’m not. They don’t tease me, except the boys. But, one, they tease everyone and, two, they’re idiots.
I get babied by the older girls. I love it! Daisy, the one I told you about earlier, is my favourite. She calls me her little baby and wraps me up in her big, long scarf and dances me about, saying Dean will be all over me. Despite the age differences, we both got the giggles. Dean is the older boy in the highest class. He’s known as the ‘SWAG’ kid. He thinks he’s amazing. He’s really not...
“So,” Daisy said as she put lipstick on me, “got any secret crushes in your class? I’ve seen the way some of the boys look at you! Your like Taylor Swift to them.”
I burst out laughing. “Shut up! They’re all horrible.”
That was when Daisy’s best friend, Liz, walked in. “Ahhh, still at the age where boys are icky, then?” She smiled. “Remember when we were like that, Daisy? I can, you put too much lipstick on and one of them dopes wolf whistled at you. It was the talk of the playground for months!”
Daisy went bright red. She was about to say something but I interrupted her.
“I remember that.”
Daisy and Liz looked shocked. “You can’t, possibly remember that. It was well before you lost your memory.”
Oh yeah, I lost part of my memory when I was seven. I don’t really like talking about it. I... I forgot what Dad looked like.
“Oh...” I said, losing all hopefulness.
“It doesn’t matter, we can describe it for you, if you want.” Liz said, quickly.
“No,” I got my feet, suddenly needing to leave, “no, thanks.” Daisy got up to follow me but Liz shook her head to tell her not to.
She mouthed, She needs to be alone.
Walking into the cold air of the classroom just made me feel worse. Its a boarding school, so I couldn’t skip class. Miss. Homestresk did the register. I didn’t answer.
“Excuse me. Is Sophia in today? She was in this morning, where is she now?”
Danny, one of the idiot boys in our class, put his hand up. Miss. Homestresk ignored it but he spoke anyway. He knew I was there but he said it anyway. “Maybe, miss, maybe she’s had a surprise attack from the diarrhoea monster. Maybe it exploded and she’s still getting cleaned up?”
The entire class roared with laughter at this, even Miss. Homestresk had a little chuckle.
“Thank you, Danny. I don’t think that’s the case.” She said.
Before she could stop them, everyone in the class started making ridiculous excuses. Wendy, one of the big girls in Daisy’s class, heard all the noise and came down to see what the fuss was. She asked another table and they told her about me. Wendy was one of the older girls who baby me.
“Miss. Homestresk?”
“Yes, Wendy?”
“Well, I’m thinking is that not Sophia? Sitting at the front?”
Miss. Homestresk didn’t have time to answer.
“It can’t be, Wendy! Sophia is having a surprise attack of diarrhoea.”
That was when I exploded. “Shut up! I am here!”
The class went silent and Wendy left.
“Thank you, Sophia.” Then Miss. Homestresk carried on the register as if nothing had happened.
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