Past in the Wind
The Beginning
In the beginning, there were gods and goddesses ruling over the Earth with no forms of human life. There were many of them, but the main ones were Liliana and Mayakwana, two beautiful goddess sisters. All of the gods were crazy about them, and the god of water, Makolapis, gave them matching clay necklaces, one with a starfish, and one with a sea turtle. The goddess sisters appreciated him, and he grew selfish, needing their love, and bragging to the gods about it. The sisters saw this and decided something needed to be done. So they banished Makolapis to the bottom of the ocean with all the sea monsters he created guarding him. Many years later he escaped without the sisters noticing and snuck up to there cloud castle one night. He climbed up a beautiful Orca and asked Lailupa, the goddess of air, to give the Orca wings. She obeyed him, not knowing why an Orca would need wings, and he flew up to the castle. He peeked in to make sure that nobody was awake, and snuck in. He went into the sisters’ shared room and misted the area with a fragrance that made the sisters greedy, and not caring for anyone else but themselves. When they woke up in the morning, they got into a big fight about nonsense, and, without thinking, Liliana threw her sea turtle necklace to the ground. Mayakwana, wanting to make the last move, threw the starfish to the ground with delight, both shattering their necklaces. They both left the castle, and Lailupa carried the shards away with the wind, all of them scattering in what is now North America.
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