Patrick and the Past. by Brynn56B

Patrick and the Past.
He walked down the road of their town past the sour apple trees and never ending dirt path. He wondered how Henry was going to react when he reached her. Would she still be sad about Patrick? Would she want him to leave? Brandon had no way of knowing. Henry was his only friend for that exact reason.
Finally he reached her house. The creamy peach paint peeling off its walls. The door was unlocked and Brandon walked in. Then he climbed up the stairs and gently knocked his fist on her door.
Henry sighed tears still pouring down her cheeks as she heard the knock on her door. She hid her head under the pillow hoping the person would think she wasn’t there.
“Henry?” called a voice. “Are you in there?”
Brandon walked in the room with sympathy written on his face. “Henry I need to show you something.”
He brushed his black hair out of his face and held out his hand to indicate her to follow him.
They walked out the front door of her house and walked miles until they came across a tall white castle with a red door.
“What is this?” Henry asked wiping away tears with the back of her hand.
“It’s a time traveller.” Brandon muttered. “I don’t know if it will work but we should give it a shot.”
He placed his hand on the door knob and slowly turned it. The boy walked through and vanished from sight.
Henry ran after him into a swirling white portal. Suddenly the sensation stopped and she was standing on the street with her dog Patrick by her side.
Brandon stood next to her smiling.
“Whoa!” She cried smiling. Henry went to walk away from Brandon to bring Patrick back home so nothing could happen to him, but an invisible barrier held her back.
“I guess you have to follow your step.” Said Brandon frowning.
Henry stared at him, his blue eyes looking down in a sad way.
“Then he’ll get hit by that truck again!” The girl shouted in anger.
Brandon shrugged.
“Just see what happens maybe he won’t.” But no matter how hard she tried Henry had to follow her old steps.
“We are getting closer.” Sighed Henry. “To where Patrick got hit.”
Henry looked down at her cheerful brown puppy below her.
“I’m sorry Henry I guess you can’t change the past.”
Henry sat down on the sidewalk in defeat tears trickling down her cheeks.
The girl looked around the same old town with the same old sour apple trees.
“Maybe the portal was only made to experience the past not change it.” Suggested Brandon.
They sat there for several minutes before henry declared she wanted to go back.
Brandon led them to the same portal.
“Ready?” He asked. Henry took one last look at Patrick before she as well was ready to leave.
They walked back through the portal that sent them back to the present white castle.
Patrick was no longer by Henry’s side making her eyes teary.
Patrick had always been her best friend since Henry was 5 years old. He was always there for her no matter what happened to her.
When the girls at her old school tripped Henry over and teased her for having a ‘boy’s name’. Patrick stayed with her no matter what happened to her but now that he was gone he could comfort her no more.
“Henry?” Brandon mumbled. Henry shook her brown hair in front of her red face to hide it from him.
“Come on Henry, I have seen you cry before you don’t have to ‘hide it.” He said to her with a slight smile.
“I think you need to learn to leave things behind.”
Henry showed no emotion to him underneath her layer of hair
“Something’s you need to let go.”
Henry nodded and shook her hair out of her face droplets of water no longer sliding down onto the floor of the sidewalk.
“Thanks Brandon.” She sniffed. “I will.”
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