Peter Bassler’s Guide to Surviving Life
Entry One: 09-03
Well, I guess this is what my school has come to.
Making kids write in these dopey journals, expressing their ‘feelings’ and all that. Well, if my teacher expects me to be writing down my problems and struggles, she’ll be disappointed when she opens this, because all she’s going to find is my opinion on pretty much everyone.
The name’s Peter Bassler. I’m in 7th grade, and I’m pretty much the most... Well.... Normal kid in my school... Unless you consider eating week old pizza from the trash can ‘normal’.
The reason why I’m even writing in this is to rant about my best friend and lifetime confidant, Hook. Well, his nickname is Hook. His real name is Mattheus Nomidad Benjamin Wellington III. But nobody’s got the time to say all of that. So when I first met him in 2nd grade, I nicknamed him Hook.
Ok, so back to the ranting; Hook has been extra-annoying lately. I don’t know why, but he seems to think we need to hang out every second of the day. Like yesterday, when he showed up at my house at 6:00 at night, asking to come inside. I had to gently push him away and tell him to hang out with his friend Jack. But he argued that Jack is only 9 and is his cousin, so it wasn’t the same.
You know who else has been getting on my nerves lately? My older brother Zane. He’s been driving me nuts for no reason! The only thing I told him was that he needed to comb his hair, and after that, it was hell on earth.
You see, Zane is 16 but somehow thinks that being 16 makes him able to beat me up and boss me around. I try telling mom, but then he makes fun of me for being a wimp. And to make things even worse, we share a room. His side is messy and full of weird skater and rocker stuff. My side is orderly and pretty normal-looking. If you walked into our room now, it would look like some psychopath with split-personality disorder was living there.
Huh. This journal thing isn’t so bad. Maybe I’ll actually use this thing...
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