A world where birds WERE THE LAST BEINGS ON EARTH.
Planet Of The Birds
Cold Winter
Winter has just came around the corner and the birds are starting to build their shelter. The birds were prepared for the coldest winter to face their lives.
It came.
Hail the size of grapefruits hit the ground like tiny meteors. Every bird flew to the safety of a large tree. The birds had made an entire city inside of the tree. The birds heard the cracking of tree branches. They didn’t think they sounded like cracking, But a shotgun going off. SHABAM! a giant piece of hail hit the tree. The tree started to topple and the birds flew out faster than Usain Bolt. The birds found a small pit and huddled together until the storm ended. The huge hail hit the ball of birds but the birds kept through. The storm lasted for an entire day and when it was over the birds woke to see the sun rising above them like a golden tennis ball.
The birds had a plan. They would construct shelters just like humans did before they went extinct. Hundreds of birds started to pick up logs left by humans and started a structure. The falcons brought in bigger pieces and mud. After awhile, The birds had almost finished the roof and as the last bird put the piece on they had made a shelter to fit about 100 of the thousands of birds. The birds continued this process to fit more birds. They kept building for days of cold winter. Finally, the birds had a shelter for each one of them. The birds were proud that day knowing that they were ready for the rest of winter.

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