To stand or not to stand? That is the question...
Play a Part
You can tell I’ve got Stage Fright... Can’t you?
“Lyra!” said a sickly sweet voice. “Where are you Lyra!”
I stood in the darkness, surrounded by an inky forest of treble clefs and quavers. Bushes were made out of humongous, pitch black semibreves, with teeny tiny little crotchets for ants, just like... well... ants. I couldn’t tell what was happening, or where I was. Suddenly, a gigantic black cloud seemed to cover the sky above me, creating a shadow as large as an elephant. “Oh... There you are Lyra...” chanted the same sappy, over-sweet, excruciatingly sugary voice.
I kept thinking...who was that?
While I was wracking my brain for memories of someone with a voice like that, a direct lightning bolt was headed straight for me! I headed straight, then left then right! The path seemed to go on forever, just as my heartbeat was getting faster and faster, my feet at the same pace, the gravel crunching.
Boom, boom. Crunch, crunch. Boom, boom. Crunch, crunch.
At the same time, the voice started to throw insults at me, just like it was throwing thunderbolts.
“You’ll never fit in. You’re too different. Veverand isn’t the place where you will fit in. How about Loserville? Take a ticket there instead.”
And then everything turned black.
“Lyra, are you okay?” said, not the same cutesy voice, but a familiar voice like...
“HARMONY!” I screamed, hugging her tight, squeezing her like a lemon in distress. “I don’t think I want to go to Veverand!”I say, sobbing in her arms, rivers running down my cheeks.
“Why not little sis?”she says, stroking my head.
“We-well, fo-for a st-start, I-I do-don’t th-thi-think I’m go-gonna f-fit i-in...”
“Well, we’ll talk about this with mum, shall we?”
I nodded my head, wiping the tears from my face.
“If you have any problems this year, you know I’ll be here.”
I nodded again. She left my room, smiling at me. I flopped back in my bed.
The story was pretty much this:
Mum got a promotion and needs to go to Veverand for work(like, forever.).
I didn’t want to go,
My big sis Harmony says it will be a better chance to meet new people and stop being afraid of the world around me,
And thanks to Dad, he also backed up Mum and Harmony by saying I’ll be able to have free time and caramel candy after school(I can’t resist caramel!). It was three to one.
But anyway, after I got changed into my best clothes(Veverand was a free clothes school), I walked out of my room and sat down at the dining table. Where I sat was a plate of fresh waffles and fruit, a glass of orange juice and a bottle of whipped cream on the side.
“Eat up Lyra, we have a big day,”said Mum, chopping up fruit. “Also, honey, things are different here so I won’t be packing lunch, they have so-called healthy a cafeteria at schoo-honey, are you okay?”
I started to feel sad about the thought of school. No friends like Eleanor, Stellia and Clara, no teachers I’m familiar with, I’m not even sure if they do PERFORMING ARTS!
“Yeah, I’m fine, just a little nervous.”I said, finishing off my waffles. Yeah right. I was very nervous.
As soon as I finished, packing my bag, Mum, Dad and Harmony doing the same, we took off in the car.
Everyone was silent. Only the sounds of me tap-tapping on my phone, the moving of the wheels and Harmony’s feet tapping the floor of the car was heard.
EllaLuvsToRead: How is it @Veverand?
StarStellia: We have been waiting for 2 days already!
CutieClara: Yeah, Srsly Lyra, we r in suspense!
LyricLyra Will tell at 3!
EllaLuvsToRead: Oki, see u at 3!
StarStellia: Yeah, u can tell us then... C u at my house on Sat!
CutieClara: And I’ll c u on Sat 2, bye!
I sighed. That was five days away. I couldn’t wait until Saturday.
Lyra didn’t know about what she was about to encounter, but it was that sappy, sickly-sweet, sugary voice.
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