when a boy plays with girls. Girls fight back.
Kerstein’s Point of View
Since my best friend Meanna has been dating, it was horrifying.
How? She takes us wherever she goes with Ryan. Her boyfriend Ryan I guess is popular. How? Blonde hair, blue eyes, and of course irresistible.
I asked him how many girlfriends did he have before and he had 16 ex-girlfriends. Well I don’t know what will happen to Meanna though.
She made herself get into this problem, if he breaks her heart, I have no choice to kick his butt, or I let it go and don’t care.
“OMG! Meanna! Ryan like-likes you!” Dominique screamed.
“Really?” Meanna asked like she’s really into knowing the answer.
“YES!!” Dominique said freaking out.
“Wow. But I have a boyfriend, Karim, remember?” Meanna said dissapointed.
Yes! You have a boyfriend, we all know Ryan has 16 or more ex-girlfriends.
Including, Brooklyn. She is the prettiest girl in our grade. Litterally.
She has 3 different hair colors, and she’s natural. First layer is dark chocolaty brown, lighter version of the brown, and blonde. Yeah, that’s her hair. With deep dark brown eyes and a smile. Compare her to Meanna.
Meanna, about the same eye color. But for the hair, Meanna has light blonde highlights and a little blonde on the tip of her hair. And, I don’t mean to be rude though, Brooklyn has thick hair and Meanna has a slightly not-that-thick. But I guess Ryan still likes her though.
As we walk from break, we chill and talk.
“Hey Meanna, Ryan said to give you this note,” Dominique said handing Meanna the note.
“Uh, ok,” Meanna replied opening the note.
All of us eavesdrop. We went to see what he wrote.
“What the heck,” Bianca said, “that’s stupid note.”
“I guess,” I replied.
“He’s asking us to hang out with him,” Meanna replied staring at all of us to participate.
“Meanna, he asked you! Not us!” I said rolling my eyes.
“Ya, I don’t want to hang out with boys,” Bianca complained.
Marlene stared. She shrugged. She stayed silent.
“I wanna go since Connor is there!” Dominique yelled.
Connor, Ryan’s best friend. Blonde, blue eyes, freckles, and tall. I guess he’s only an inch taller than me.
“I guess I’ll go if Dom is going.” Marlene said and afterwards stayes silent.
Meanna grabbed Dominique’s and Marlene’s arm and pulled them to Ryan.
But before she could start dating him, she has to talk to Karim.
“Do you think Karim will feel sad?” I asked Bianca.
In our whole Converse Crew, Bianca is the one I trust more. I do trust my other friends even Dominique who is my cousin.
“I don’t know, remember how Ryan chased every girl he likes? he always gets the girl but then breaks there heart,” Bianca whispered.
“ok,” I said.
Lunch Time
As we walk to buy lunch, Meanna got another note. From Ryan. Ha, very funny.
“Hey! Ryan asked me to eat lunch with him!” Meanna giggled.
“Meanna, Karim.” I said pointing at Karim across the cafeteria.
“Oh, I gotta talk to him,” she said, “on the phone.”
“Meanna you got to talk to him.” Bianca said, “don’t call him on the phone!”
“Whatever!” Meanna glared picking up her lunch tray.
As we sat down, I decided to eat my teriyaki.
As I put a spoonfull in my mouth, Meanna said something.
“hey, let’s sit with Ryan,” Meanna said picking up her tray.
“Uh, no thanks,” I said.
“Bianca?” she asked.
“No, I’m sorry. Go by yourself.” Bianca said giving her a disgusted look to eat with guys.
Bianca, yes not really comfortable eating with guys.
Meanna sat down and ate, till Dominique and Marlene came.
“Hey, Dominiuqe and Marlene, can you come with me to eat with Ryan? Kerstein and Bianca doesn’t want to.” Meanna complained, blaming Bianca and I with her problem.
“Uh, sure! Connor is there!” Dominique gushed.
“ok,” Marlene agreed.
Which they ditched us to eat with guys. For Ryan and Connor. And Meanna is going to break Karim’s heart for doing what she is not suppose.
And Karim did come to us for a talk. While Ryan works his plan.

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Chapter 2

Bianca’s Point of View

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