ALyssa And the
Pop-star Audition
Best Friends Forever!!
Alyssa sighed as she saw that she was in the chorus for the school play again. Her best friends, Lily, Lulu, and Heidi had gotten lead rolls, and Kelsey and Natalie had gotten small parts. Lulu stood on the stage in her pink princess costume she wanted to wear for the show. “Perfect!” Called Myra, the costume stylist. She held out a sparkling, silver tiara for Lulu to put on.
Heidi stood by Lulu in her cute heroine costume. “I can’t wait to save you, Lulu!” she said. Lily grinned at her friends. In the play, she was the princess’s personal angel. Myra was fixing the halo above Lily’s head.
Alyssa looked down at her fancy white shirt and fancy black pants. It matched all the other chorus girls’ outfits. She put her light pink sundress back on, and slid on her too-small flip-flops. “I’m heading to Coolie Smoothie!” she called, referring to the smoothie place the girls always met at after school. “I can’t make it, we’re going to an Art Festival tonight,” Lily said. “But I’ll be free tomorrow!” Kelsey had changed out of her maid outfit, and was now wearing her cat tee and flowered skirt. “I’ll come with you!” she called across the stage.
When all the girls except Lily were seated in a large booth at Coolie Smoothie, they all ordered Cherry Chillers and started to talk. “I got chorus AGAIN!” Alyssa said. Lily smiled. “Then that must be what you’re good at. Singing! I’m sure you’ll get a solo one of these days. Just wait!” Lulu and Natalie nodded. Soon the conversation’s topic was summer vacation, which would come only a few days after the day of the school play. “I’m excited I get to be the princess!” Lulu said. “But I’m also nervous I’ll mess up!” Kelsey nodded in agreement. Lily smiled again. “The audience won’t even know, since they don’t know our lines. It’ll be great, and fun!”
Alyssa felt left out. She quickly finished her smoothie, and prepared to go home. “See ya tomorrow!” she said, trying to sound cheerful. But she wasn’t feeling very happy at all.

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