What does it mean to be popular?
The bus ride
“Bye!” I called back to my mom before I got onto the bus. Today was my first day of middle school, and I was so excited! This was the first year my grade, six grade, got our own computers! I didn’t have any at home, and now I would have my very own computer!
I hopped onto the bus and said “Good morning” to the bus driver. However, he didn’t reply back. It was weird.
I walked on the aisle until I saw an open seat. “Is this seat taken?” I asked the girl sitting next to the seat. It seemed like the polite thing to do. She had short black hair and looked nice.
“Um...” The girl looked around and then back at me. “Yeah,”
“By who?” I wondered.
“Um...” The girl looked behind her and then sat back down without saying anything. Another girl who had brown hair stood up behind the girl with black hair.
“By a ghost,” the girl with brown hair said firmly.
“A ghost?” I questioned. “There’s no such thing. And even so, I think the ghost can move over.”
“Why would he do that?”
“Because I’m a real person,”
“But the ghost is better than you,” the girl with brown hair told me, and a couple of laughs came from further back. The other girl with black hair was staring at the ground. “He is more awesome, smarter, beautiful, and cooler than you and her stupid puffy hair. Oh, and he doesn’t talk to the bus driver.” More laughs came out.
What the girl said hurt me. I started talking, but stopped. It was no use. I should just go somewhere else. So I held onto my backpack and continued searching for a seat to sit in. Whenever I found one, the girl or boy always said that it was “taken” and I had to move on.
Soon, I got to the back of the bus. No one sat there, because even I knew it was the worst place to sit. But I had no where else to go and so I sat down and stared out the window. So far, my first day wasn’t going well. And I hadn’t even started school!
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