Sometimes you change yourself, just to be
Lunch Drama
Hello everyone! A quick authors note!
I know I said I would choose an idea, but I had my own ideas, SO SORRY I DIDN’T GO WITH MY PLAN! But since I have my own Ideas rolling I will ask you in this chapter,to put which person out of the foursome (Anna, Katie, Elle, and Lily) is the best singer, like REALLY good at singing. Vote up to which one is the best at singing in the comments below! Also, the next chapter is going to be from LINDSEY’S P.O.V! Enjoy!
My heart beat fast as I came to realizations. I looked up at Lindsey angrily.
“You lied to me...” I said standing up.
Lindsey’s face looked frightened “No Alexis please I didn’t mea—“
“You lied to me!” I say, only louder this time. “But why?“ I asked—more like demanded.
“Because...Because...” Lindsey looked as if she was having a hard time spitting it out. “Because you didn’t-wouldn’t understand the truth!” She finally blurted. I looked at her in sorrow, and I was just about to say something when Lindsey interrupted.
“Don’t you see Alexis?” She asked, suddenly looking frustrated. “Don’t you see how I look? Look at me....What did you ever think of this?” She said gesturing to herself.
I stepped closer to her, not understanding. “What?” I whispered.
“I’m fat!” She yelled, pointing to herself. “I’m an ugly heap of mess Lexie! But what I don’t understand, is why you never told me.” She continued quietly.
“Be-Because you’re not!” I said knowingly. Is this what my friend thought about herself?
“Don’t be a hypocrite Alexis! That’s as bad of a lie that I told you!” Lindsey scowled.
“You know what? Save it! I should be friends with people who actually tells me the truth about myself, instead of people feeling sorry for me, and trying to make me feel better!” Lindsey yelled.
“Lindey! What-what is wrong with you?” I ask shouted back. “Who are you? Whose the friend I used to know? What has happened to you? You’ve changed Lindsey, the Lindsey I knew would never care how she looked.” And with that, I turned around and left her house.
I needed to tell someone what happened. This was bad. This was really, really bad. After awhile of thinking, I decided to call Taylor. I dialed her number and put my phone to my ear.
“Hello?”I heard Taylor’s voice on the other line.
“Yeah um, we need to talk.”
“Alexis? What do you want? I don’t talk to loosers.”
“It’s about Lindsey. She broke all her mirrors because she doesn’t want to see herself, and she’s looking more skinnier every minute.”
“Oh. Well this is kinda bad.”
“That’s what I thought! We kinda had a fight and she said straight up to me that she was fat and ugly.
“Alright...we will talk more about this at school okay? I have to go.”
I got offline, then lay on my bed thinking, and without realizing it, I slowly drifted off to sleep.
Today was a cloudy day, exactly my mood. So I decided to go with jean capris that were to my knees, and a plain pink shirt with black vans. I then put my hair up into a ponytail, then put my under armour sweatshirt on.
“Hey Alexis!” I heard someone say as I entered the classroom. I turned to see Katie standing in front of me.
“Oh hey.” I said casually. But I could hear glumness in my voice, and I guess Katie heard it too, becsuse she tilted her head a little bit, and her smile faded.
“Hey, is everything okay?” She asked, obviously concerned.
“No.” I said flatly. “Everything is not.”
Right when she was opening her mouth to speak again, Anna came up from behind.
“Hey, we gotta go introduce ourselves to the class. How fun.” She said sarcastically, which made me smile.
“Oh’re the girl we met the other day. Alexis right?” Anna said, now turning to me.
I nod, and the bell rings. Lindsey is in my class, but all I do is ignore her, and Lindsey does the same, even though sometimes Lindsey looks at me, I don’t look back at her....not now...and maybe never.
“ you want to sit together?” I ask Elle, Katie, Anna, and Lily at lunch.
“Yeah, I guess we could sit at that table.” Elle says perkily, pointing at an empty table. Right as we are heading towards the table, the populars stop us, and more importantly, Lindsey is with them. These are the people who is ‘telling her the truth’ about how she looks. Anger builds up inside of me. These are the people who is changing my friend, killing her, and lying to her.
“Great.” I mumble.
“Hey, you’re new here right? Do you wanna sit with us?” Ashley asks, twirling her hair.
They all look at eachother, as if they are silently communicating, ‘You go.’ ‘ no you go!” Finally Lily speaks up.
“Um, sorry. But we were already planning to si—“ Rebecca grabs them and almost drags them to their popular table, while the four look back at me for help laughing, and I laugh too. I sit back to back with the popular people, looking and listening to every word their saying.
“So, where did you move from.” Cherilyn asks sweetly.
“None of your stupid business.” Anna says bluntly. Yes, finally! I try to syifle a laugh as Cherilyn’s face goes red from trying to hold back her temper. My eyes catch onto Taylor’s, and I can tell she’s smiling too. She cocks her eyebrows up as if she’s sang ‘Now the war is on.’ Lily elbows Anna in the arms.
“Uh, California.” She says as sweetly as possible.
“Oh, I have always wanted to live there! They have the latest fashion trends. You guys were tote lucky!” Ashley says.
“Yeah...totes.” Elle says shifting uncomfortably.
They ask a lot of questions. Boys, fashion, make-up, and I could tell that Elle, Katie, Lily, and Anna was definately not interested in anything they had to say. All of there faces had the look of ‘yeah whatever, can you be quiet now, you’re gonna make me throw up.’
“So do you want to be friends with us, like popular girls?” Lindsey asks. She puts her elbow up and hits Rebecca’s arm, which she is using to reapply lipstick, and her lipstick smears right onto her cheeck
“Lindsey! What the heck?” You just made me smear my lipstick!”
“No, it looks good on you!” Katie remarks, and I can tell where this is going.
“Really?” Rebecca asks dumbly. Sheesh. People are so gullable.
“Yeah, it looks fabulous.” Elle says.
“Yeah, it does.” Anna agrees, then takes lipstick from her. “You just need to put your lipstick like that...and that...there!” I burst out laughing. Anna put lipstick overlining Rebecca’s lips so her lips look really, really big. Everyone else started laughing too at the popular table. Rebecca’s face turned red, and right when she was about to kill Anna, Taylor interrupted, looking at me, and suddenly I remembered that Taylor needed to know on what happened to Lindsey.
“Ashley, I’m gonna go sit over there.” She said, pointing my way. Wow. She actually had the guts to ask that question. Everyone quit laughing, and Ashley looked at her strictly.
“What? You mean by that freak over there? Uh, no.”
I felt my face turn red at the sound of ‘freak’ “It’s about something important. Mega important.” Taylor replies.
“I don’t care. I said no. You don’t get to choose who you sit by.” Ashley said bossily looking at her nails.
Taylor looked calm, but her eyes were fierce. “You can’t tell me what to do. I can sit by whoever I want.” She said firmly, and with that, shhe came by and sat down next to me. Everyone looked startled that Ashley wasn’t mad. In fact when I looked over at her, she looked kind of....scared.
“So what about Lindsey?” Taylor asked interrupting my thoughts.
“Oh um, well...can’t you see in her what’s wrong? I mean look at her. She doesn’t look...right.”
“Yeah. She looks really unhealthy and, skinny.” Taylor said looking at me, then back at Lindsey.
“When I went to her house she had broken all her mirrors.” I said suddenly.
“What?” Taylor asked disbelievingly.
“It’s true.” I stated. “She doesn’t want to look into any mirrors because she doesn’t want to see herself.
“She has a problem.” Taylor whispered.
I rolled my eyes. “Gee, ya think?”
“No.” Taylor said. “I mean she has a disorder.”
“No she doesn’t.” I replied. “My friend would never have a disorder.” And then something hit me. The only thing that would make sense.
“Unless, she has...anorexia.” I breathed.
Vote up below on which one is the best singer. I know your wondering why it matters about who is the best singer, but trust me, you will know soon enough!

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