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Talent Show
Authors Note:
Heyo! Its me again! Thank you all so so SO much for your fantabulous comments! Thanks to you all, The top comment for the best singer is......KATIE! LOVE LOVE LOVE, the idea! Well that’s it for now, and I’m sorry that this got out late, I’ve been MEGA busy! Please read, and don’t forget to comment on suggestions, names, or new characters you want in this book! Enjoy!
Lindsey was gone that day. I didn’t know if she was sick, or not. But I had a chilling feeling that it was because she wasn’t eating.
“Hey girl!” Elle said excitedly.
“Hey, are you okay?” Asked Anna, who came up from behind, noticing my distraught face.
“’s just that Lindsey....”
“Isn’t here.” She said finishing my sentence.
“Yeah.” I replied awkwardly.
“Well” Katie asked joining in on our conversation.
I sighed, remembering that I hadn’t told them about Lindsey. God, this was going to take me forever to explain....
“Um...its a long story.” I said. It was true.
Elle shrugged, then tilted her head. “We got time.” The others nodded, and I could see Katie smirking. They were enjoying pesturing me, weren’t they?
I groaned. “Fine.” And with that, I told them the whole story. how Lindsey turned popular, got bratty, then went back and ask me to forgive her. But then hanging with the populars, only to hear that they thought she wasn’t “fit,” and how Taylor knew they were lying, but it was too late. Then how Taylor told me about Lindsey thinking she was fat, and Lindsey saying it was true. And how she looked more different everyday...more skinnier, and so on.
When I finished, everyone looked stunned, with they’re mouth dropped open. Then, they shared a knowing look at eachother.
“Well....?” I asked confused, and yet waiting for their answers at the same time.
“Um, Wow....” They all said in unison, still awestruck.
“So, you think she’s ill because she’s not eating? Wow...she has anorexia too...a—“ Elle broke off.
“Guys! I was looking for you guys forever!” Lily yelled running towards them.
They all turned to look towards her then looked each other, that same look that they gave each other when I had finished telling them about Lindsey, except this time they looked....pale. But why?
“I was trying to find you so we could rehearse for the talent show! Lily said exasperated.
“Yeah um...yeah well uh.......” Katie said, stumbling on words.
“Wait, you guys are doing the talent show?” I asked Lily, filling in for Katie. She nodded, and so did everyone else, swallowing hard, even though I pretended not to notice.
“We’re singing.” Anna said, actually being able to speak now.
“What song?” I asked curiously.
By now everyone’s face wasn’t pale anymore, and Elle looked at me mischievesly.
“Now that, my friend, is a secret.” Elle said, winking.
Everyone laughed.
“Alright everyone, welcome to this years talent show!” Mrs. Justine said klchirpily. “Our first act today is...Blake Harley and Evan Charles dancing!”
‘Oh Gosh’ I mumbled under my breath, and with that, I started watching the talent show, I mean Hello! It was funny, but other times, it was so embarrassing to watch that I had my face in my hands.
“Next up, is Annabeth Yale, Katie Johnson, Elle Hollis, and Lily Parkinson, singing ‘Stay With Me!’ “
What?! They were going to sing a Sam Smith song?! I crossed my fingers, hoping they wouldn’t make a fool of themselves. I buried my face in my hands, not wanting to see them when they did horrible.
The song started, with its usual tone. Then Anna stepped up, singing the first part.
Guess its true, I’m not good at a one-night stand
I immediately looked up. Anna’s voice was the exact opposite of bad. Her voice was low, but soothing, and she sang like she was on American idol. Everyone else had the exact same reaction as me, because I saw some people in awe, others eyes googling, and other just sitting there stunned. She sang the whole beginning part. It was amazing!
Then Katie stepped up, and I could tell, that she was the best singer I had ever heard in my life. Even going to concerts, Katie blew all the professional singers away.
The song kept going on and on, and when they finished, everyone cheered like no other.
“You guys did amazing! you realize how good you are?!” I yelled excitedly. Everyone was smilingh shyly.
“Katie was they best.” Anna remarked.
I couldn’t exactly complain with that, thankfully I didn’t have to.
“You were really good too Anna! And you guys, you rocked it! . Kate stated.
They all complimented each other on the way out of school.
“Well, I’ll see you later guys, my mom is here!” Lily said waving goodbye.
“Bye!” We all called to her, and suddenly I thought about Lily not knowing about the Lindsey situation.
“Oh...Lily doesn’t know about Lindsey having anorexia. Guess I’ll just tell her the whole thing again tomorrow...” I said shaking my head. The three exchanged glances.
“Actually...” Elle’s voice died off.
I looked over at the confusingly. They all stared down and shifted their feet.
“Look Alexis, I think there is something you should know...” Katie said. She look over at Anna, who nodded at her to continue.
“I—well you can’t tell Lily know....” She trailed off, biting her lip.
I was getting more and more confused by the second. Why were they acting so...weird?
“Um, why? Why can’t I tell her?” I asked. Elle and and Katie both looked at Annabeth.
“I think what Katie was trying to say was.....well, you see....” Anna hesitated.
Right then, Taylor came into view.
“Guys!” She said out of breath, then looked up at us, examining our confused faces from our last conversation.
“What’s wrong?” She asked curiously.
Anna too a deep breath. “Lily is Lindsey’s cousin!”
“What?!” Me and Taylor exclaim.
I look over at her. “Um, do you even know who Lily is? I asked.
Taylor nodded. “Yeah, a little. The populars never stop talking about them.” Taylor said motioning to the three.
“Anyway, when did you figure out this?” I asked.
“Well, we’ve known for awhile now. And when we moved here to Seattle, Lily was really excited to see Lindsey, but then when you told us about Lindsey having know how Lily is. She’s kinda sensitive, and she loves Lindsey. If we were to tell her, you know— that, — it would break her heart. Just promise us you won’t tell her Alexis.” Katie said
“I understand.” I said.
“You can’t tell her either Taylor, got it?” Elle said sternly to Taylor, probably because she didn’t trust her yet.
“Fine.” Taylor said rolling her eyes.
“Why did you come here anyway?” Anna questioned.
Taylor eyed her.
“It’s not me, it’s Lindsey. It’s an emergency.”

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