Sometimes you change yourself, just to be
“Explain to me this instant of what happened!” Mrs. Whitlow exclaimed, slamming her coffee mug on her desk.
Everyone except Taylor shrank in our seats. After all, we knew we were the ones that would be in big, big, trouble.
“I—I mean we...”
Katie stumbled over her words. Taylor on the other hand, leaned back in her chair and smirked quickly, then turned to Mrs. Whitlow, putting on the “innocent” look, and flipped her corkscrew curls from her face.
“Oh Mrs. Whitlow! They...they...” She burst into a bunch of tears that I knew were fake, and pointed at us.
“I didn’t even do anything to them, and they just showed up and started beating me up!”
“She’s lying!” I yelled.
“No I’m not!” She snapped. I could tell she was angry.
“Mrs. Whitlow,” She continued on, “These girls have no proof that I’m lying! I have proof! My injured face. This is what...” Taylor pointed at us. “ They did to me! It’s all there fault!”
Well, she was right about that, and all of us knew we couldn’t argue about that.
“I understand now, Taylor. You should go to the nurses office. They will tend your awful injuries. I’ll call your parents of what happened to you dear.”
Taylor nodded her head violently, then left the room. Mrs. Whitlow turned to us.
“As for you, I’m going to also, call your parents to let them what you guys did! Speaking of which, you should be ashamed of yourselves! What you did is a complete violation of the rules.” She shook her head.
Oops. We all looked at eachother as Mrs. Whitlow dialed a number. We were all thinking the same thing.
Anna screwed us all up.
“I have tried to raise you, in fact, I have raised you, and good! I thought you were the perfect child—went to highschool for calculus, #1 in debate, and never in my life had I raised you to do...THIS! Your grounded for as long as I can say young lady! What has middle school done to you? Oh honey, were you peer pressured, do you feel left out? Getting bullied perhaps?”
My mom was lecturing me, then a second later questioning me.
“What? No mom!”
“Well then answer me this: when was it that you thought it was okay to hurt someone physically?!” she steamed.
“I—Never! I didn’t hurt anyone!” It was true, I never did hurt anybody.
“Oh? But you stood by and watched!” Now that, I couldn’t argue with, so I stayed quiet as my mom drove into the driveway.
“So,” I began. “I’m grounded?”
“You bet you are.” My mom snapped when we entered the house.
I quickly obeyed and went into my room, sat on my bed, and opened up my phone to messaging. Usually when I was grounded mom would take away my phone usage, but I guess she’s so mad she forgot to ask for my phone.
Opening up my Messaging app, I saw that only Katie was online.
Smart_Alecks: How are you keeping up? Gotten grounded yet?
KatieCat: You bet I have.
God, she sounded just like my mom a few minutes ago!
Smart_Alecks: Oh. Me too.
KatieCat: I’m just so mad. Anna got us all in trouble for no stupid reason! Can’t she just have a brain for once and actually think what trouble she was going to cause for all of us?!
She was right. Anna did cause all of this useless mess that we all got tangled up in, just because of her. And I hated to admit it, but this was all of Anna’s fault. I had a pit in my stomach full of anger all of a sudden, but I didn’t bother to make it go away.
Smart_Alex: IKR! We got into this unnecessary mess. :(
KatieCat: If she were a real friend, she wouldn’t be so selfish, and actually think what trouble we could all have been in just because of her! She should’ve thought of that if she actually cared about us. I just don’t understand.
Smart_Alecks: Wait...Are you saying that...?
KatieCat: I’m not sure Lexie. This isn’t the caring Anna I knew. There’s something up.
Smart_Alecks: We don’t know exactly. Anna is also sassy and stubborn too.
KatieCat: But she was never that careless. She always thought of what harm or conflict could happen before she did something.
Smart_Alecks: I guess your right.
KatieCat: And instead she does one careless and selfish action that makes us all get into trouble even though we didn’t even do anything! And this is all her fault.
Smart_Alecks: Are you sure this is unusual of her? Cuz for the time I had known her it doesn’t seem like there was change in her personality.
KatieCat: It is unusual! I’m telling you Alexis, something’s wrong.
Smart_Alecks: I’m not so sure. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. We need to be more realistic. I know Anna pretty well.
KatieCat: Fine, do whatever and don’t believe me. Obviously you haven’t noticed that I have been her friend way before you have Alexis. But sure, keep telling yourself you know Anna perfectly. I don’t care.
Smart_Alecks: Katie I didn’t mean it that way!
Smart_Alecks: Katie? I’m sorry!
Smart_Alecks: Please say something! I really am sorry!
@KatieCat has logged off
Great! Now she’s mad at me too! Uggh!
I laid down on my bed and groaned. Why did life have to hate me so much? When we go back to school, all we’re going to have is one big hate triangle!
Katie hates me and Anna, I hate Anna, Lily hates all of us, and Elle....I don’t know wo Elle hates. But I gues we’ll find out soon enough.
I wasn’t feeling in that great of a mood for school, mainly because of yesterday, so I simply grabbed my blue skinny jeans, and a loose black shirt. I went downstairs and shoved a pop-tart in my mouth, put my somewhat curly hair in a ponytail, then slipped on combat boots.
“Bye mom love you!” I yelled. And with that, I left the house.
“Why aren’t you mad at Anna! It was her fault we got in trouble!”
“I don’t know why I’m not mad at her! Why don’t you just leave me alone!”
“Oh? So you’re still friends with her? Even after everything she did!”
“All she was trying to do was be a good friend. She did it for us Katie.”
I knew that voice! It was Elle!
I quickly shut my locker and rounded the corner, only to see Katie shooting back at Elle.
“You don’t know what she did...” her voice cracked.
“Guys...” I stepped in quietly.
Katie’s face turned from sad to angry quickly.
“Well look who it is. Miss-I-know-everything-about-Anna.”
“What are you talking about?” Elle asked confusingly.
I clenched my fists.
“Like you would care. Your just like Alexis!” Katie said hotly.
“What does that mean? How could you say I’m like Alexis?!”
“Your acting as if that’s a bad thing!” I snapped.
Elle looked at me angrily. “Maybe because it is a bad thing!” She snapped back.
I could not believe she just said that!
“So your saying I’m a bad thing? Your such a good friend Elle,” I said sarcastically.
“Don’t go blaming Elle Lexie! Oh, and by the way, I was right about Anna hiding something.”
“Your such a hypocrite Katie! You were just blaming Elle a second ago! And what do you mean you were right?” I yelled.
“I mean I’m right!” Katie rolled her eyes. “Look,” she sighed and looked away. “After you told us about how Lindsey betrayed you, Anna was mad. She didn’t exactly know how...severe her problem was, and...well...she went to tell Lindsey off. And—and...It was just one sentence Alexis! Anna didn’t think Lindsey would really take in what she said and really care about what Anna said...but she did. I’m sorry Alexis.
I had no idea what she was talking about!
“What...? I don’t understand,” I managed to say something through my confusion.
“Have you ever wondered why Lindsey was in the hospital? Have you?”
Where was this going? I had to find out.
“Well, no. But only because I thought I knew. Her anorexia was just get worse.”
How? Because Lindseys self esteem about herself was lowering! And she just kept getting skinnier and not eating and....unless...unless what Anna said made her anorexia got worse which made Lindsey get into the hospital!
“Wait, are you saying that—that Anna had something to do with making Lindsey get into the hospital?!” I blurted out.
“Thats exactly what I’m saying Alexis,” Katie said bluntly, and I felt like my whole world had exploded.

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