Sometimes you change yourself, just to be
“I cannot believe you are wearing that dress to school! It’s suppose to be for like a special a party or something!”
I said wonderingly. My friend, Lindsey, was wearing a dress! It had thin straps and the upper part of the dress was sky blue and was super duper sparkly, making my eyes see spots, okay thats a little bit of exaggeration, but I do feel dizzy! The bottom part was really frilly, and black. And that dress was a little above her knees, can you believe that?! And she wasn’t wearing tights under that either! Sorry people, but I’m all about modesty; and I hate dresses or any pants that go above my knees.
“I wanted to try it out at the least! You are ruining my self esteem!” She said playfully making a pouty face and crossing her arms.
I laughed. “ Geez, I do not wanna be friends with a baby!” I said ( also playfully). Lindsey elbowed me lightly in the arm.
“ Oh shut up!” We both laughed after that.
The bell rang as I sat down in my chair and took out my pre-calculus book. Math was one of my best subjects. I was also really good at English, Since I’m in debate. Debate helped me speak and write really good. And last year, I got #1 in state and I still am today.
“ Alright class we are having homework on page 361, 18-20, 30-50, and 1-5 all.”
Jeez! How much homework can a teacher assign! I am only in eighth grade ya know. Yes, I take pre-calculus. How? I have to travel to my high-school everyday for first period, and sit next to juniors and seniors. I then have to get on the bus again and travel back to my school for the rest of the day. I was sad at the beginning because I wouldn’t know anyone, but later, I got used to it and figured out that this was for the best of me. I even made some friends named Emily and Aspen. They were juniors and really nice. But weird right? Well as I said at the very beginning,I’m a nerd and a geek.
I started to do my homework and was super close to being done before the the bell rung. Everyone groaned but me. I was actually dissapointed because I really wanted to finish my homework! AAHHHH! I didn’t! I know, I know, I’m don’t tell me I am!
As I was about to walk out, Mr. Granewl called me back.
“ Alexis, can I talk to you for a minute?”
I shrugged
I walked back to his desk while he took out my test. Oh yeah... did I forget to mention that we had a really really really really really hard test yesterday? Oh, well we did. I started to get nervous. What happened if I did really bad on my test? Is he gonna bump me back?
“ Alexis, you seem to be the only one in this classroom full of juniors and seniors that got a 100 percent! I think I need to bump you up to AP calculus!”
I sighed in relief anf agreed with him. He shooed me out because his next class was coming
“ Where were you? I had to go some of the second period without you!” Lindsey asked curiously and was half joking at the same time.
“ Sorry!” I blushed.
“ It wasn’t my fault I was late for class! Mr. Granewl advanced me up to AP calculus!” I continued.
“ Oh thats awesome Lexie! ( AKA my nickname) You are such a smarty pants you know that? I wish I was like you! Your cruising through Calculus while I am struggling in Pre-algebra!” We both laughed at that while we both headed to the cafateria for lunch.
We sat with some other friends we knew like Zoe and Katarina.
“ You don’t believe what happened today!” said Zoe.
“ What? What happened?” I asked.
“ Well I was walking down the halls with Katarina when I heard bangings and yelling sounds. We both went to where we heard the commotion when we saw that this dude... oh I forget his name..”
“Brock?” Katarina suggested.
“ Oh yeah Brock, was shoving this kid in a locker and locked him in. I told him to let him out but he just completely booked it and ran down the halls. I told the teachers and now their dealing with it... It was just awful!” Zoe finished and put her head to her hands.
“ Who would do such a thing?” Linsey asked
“ Thats horrible” I added.
“ Well thats middle school for you” Zoe said glumly.
Zoe and Katrina went to go empty their trays while all of a sudden the popular girls came.
“ Oh Lindsey, can I talk to you for minute?” Ashley, te main girl in the group asked. I froze. I didn’t know how the popular girls were...I never saw them be mean to anyone, but they always wear expensive clothing and powder themselves with makeup. Lindsey I could see was also very shocked.
“ S—sure.” She got out of her seat, flattened her dress, and walked down with Ashley.
I hadn’t seen her for like...five minutes! Where was that girl! Right as I thought that Lindsey came back.
“ OMG you won’t believe what happened! Ashley asked me to be in her popular group!”
Say what?!
“ Thats cool! But are they nice? You wont be hanging out with bratty girls will you?”
“ Oh no they were really nice! They hang out with you and me! We can all be friends!”
Well I sure hope she is right about that...

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