Sometimes you change yourself, just to be
wanting back
I walked up to my locker and grabbed my books. When I turned around Lindsey was standing there. I jumped back a little and almost dropped my books.
“ Look, what do you want?”
Lindsey was in tears and was staring at her feet, her face flushed red. I waited for an answer and I felt the tension between us, until I decided to break it.
“ WELL?!”
She jumped back a little and then she spilled it all out and started talking really fast.
“ I am really sorry for ditching you okay? I just really wanted to be popular and then I started to ditch you, and then that day we started yelling in the park I then started thinking about what you said but I didn’t want to admit it was true, but then the populars wanted med again so I dstuck with them until they started going against me and pushing me around and I didn’t want to be there friend anymore....and I realized how much of a friend you are to me..”
She said in one big breath. I couldn’t help but let out a smile, and eventually I said, “ Then I forgive you, and you are my bestest friend.” She hugged me really tight and I hugged ber back. Then we both headed to class...together.
It was science, and our teacher forced us to do the science fair and to work in groups.
“ I will be choosing groups for you guys. Dahlia, Megan, Katarina, and Alexis, The other group is Rebecca, Taylor, Cherilyn, and Lindsey....”
I drifted off in my own world. Why are all the popular girls gonna be paired up with Lindsey? Was that just a coincidence?

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Chapter 6

Lindsey’s P.O.V overwatching sucks

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