Sometimes you change yourself, just to be
The new girls
Hi everyone! Swaggy here!
I just wanted to let you all know that you guys put AMAZING names! A lot of you guys put names in so please please PLEASE! Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get picked, because hey, I just might add more names as the chapters go on! Also,at the end of the chapter, I have another authors note, so please read it because it is kind of like game or choose your story! Last of all, I realized I hadn’t put any pictures in here so I decided to start! Alright, enough of diddle daddling (HEHEHE) It’s time to give credit to:
@pheonix510 for the name “Annabeth”
@dancer38, @Angeliceberg, for the name “Anna”
@wonderwoman2004, @dancer38, @Angeliceberg, @ilovegaza, @GlitterGirl8194 for the name “Lily”
@CookieDragon22, @Shopping15, @dancer38, for the name “Katie”
@Raythestingray for the name “Elle”
If I forgot anyone in the following names, I am super duper sorry! And I will post you in the next chapter!
Also, special thanks to @pandaactress, for coming up with “Choose your story.” Well enough chit chat, here’s the chapter you’ve been waiting for!
It has been two weeks since the talk with Taylor, and I still haven’t talked to Lindsey yet, mainly because we had winter break, and you know how long that break is!But even for 7 days without confronting Lindsey, well, I still don’t want to. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I don’t know why I’m not confronting her. Is it because I’m afraid that it’s true that sh’s becoming an anti-eater? ‘No’ I said to myself. ‘You can’t wait any longer! Otherwise soon it will be too late...’
“Hello! Earth to Alexis!” Said a fake happy voice, but instead a soft, depressed tone. I was about to turn my head and snap at Ashley and ask why she was even talking to me, when I realized it was Lindsey.
I looked her up and down. “Lindsey?” She looked...different. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. All I could tell was that she looked a little tired, and she had slight bags under her eyes.
“Are you okay?” I continued.
Lindsey nodded. “Yeah, just a little weak and tired...I don’t really feel that good.”
“Are you sure? There is something that’s different about you.”
She shrugged.
I was about to go to the classroom with my books when something struck me. “Lindsey, oh my gosh...are you sick because you’re not e—“
DING DING the bell rang, and with that we both ran to class.
“That test was just awful! I’m pretty sure I flunked it!” Lindsey said with a pouty face.
I laughed. “That’s probably did better than I did.”
“No way!” Lindsey argued. “You probably aced that test!”
I laughed again. “How about we forget about the stupid test and hang out at your house?”
“Yes, totally!” She agreed. We sat down on the lunchtable as I took out my lunch. Lindsey had brought an apple and one of those tiny waterbottles.
“I don’t think that’s a lunch.” I stated.
Lindsey shrugged. “It’s fine...why?”
I hesitated. “Look, Taylor told me that you’re starving yourself because you think you’re fat just because the populars said so!” Okay, I had to admit that it felt really good getting that out my system! I turned to face face Lindsey as her face grew pale.
She mumbled something about hitting Taylor in the face, then slowly started to speak. “I’m not starving myself Alexis! I’m going on a diet! Plus, sometimes taking a break from eating loses fat more quickly!”
“No! It’s not healthy to starve yourself. If you starve yourself you’ll get extreme dehydration and your immune system will grow weak” Trust me, I knew that from health class.
Lindsey just stared at me. “What, you don’t think I have health issues, do you?”
I bit my lip. “I hope you don’t.” I whispered so that she could barely hear me.
“Well good. Just....can you do a favor for me?” She asked.
I shrugged. “Sure! What is it?” I asked curiously.
She sighed, then lowered her voice. “You have to promise me you won’t tell anyone about this, not my mom, not anyone at school, not even your family. Will you do that for me?”
Without thinking I blurted out one thing.
“Yes. I promise.”
Something didn’t feel right about me keeping this a secret. It felt like I was so lonely, like I wasn’t free to tell anyone what I wanted. I should tell someone, because this is becoming a health issue..I know I’m not that good at metaphors, but I felt like a withered up tree, just crumbling down from all the secrets that it held.
I guess I wasn’t thinking where I was going because I bumped into something.
“Oops, I am so sorry!” I heard a girl say. I looked up and saw a girl who had white-blonde hair that was put into a bun. She helped me off the ground while I dusted myself off.
“I haven’t seen you around here...are you new?” I asked.
She nodded. “Yup. I’m Elle.” Me and my three other friends moved here from California, an—Oh! Here they are coming this way!” I looked over and saw three other girls talking to eachother.
“Hey Elle! We’ve been looking all over for you!” I heard oneof the girls say.
“Sorry, I was just talking to....”
She glanced at me for help. “Alexis.” I said.
“Nice to meet you Alexis!” One of the girls from the group stuck their hand out and was smiling brightly. She had Amber hair that was really wavy, and side bangs covering one of her eyes.
“Alexis, this is Lily.” Elle said. “And over their is Katie.” I looked over to where Katie was standing. She had strawberry blonde hair with brown streaks in it, and big brown eyes.
“And that one over there is Annabeth, but everyone calls her Anna.” Katie pointed out. Anna had light brown hair that was super straight and went down to the middle of her back.
“Hi, it’s nice to meet all of you!” I said like anyone would. They all greeted me back while the bell rang for the end of the day.
“LEXIE! It’s time to go!” I heard Lindsey say. I looked over at the new group I had just met.
“Sorry gotta run.” And with that I took off. But I gathered one thing,
Those girls were going to get really popular, real fast.
Author’s Note:
Okay, you guys all read about the new girls right? Well, I want you guys to put what personality Katie, Elle, Annabeth (Anna), and Lily should have. For example, you could put ‘Elle is the perky one, fashionista, geek, shy, etc.! I will choose which personality is the best and post you in the next chapter

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