Sometimes you change yourself, just to be
Hello Everyone, Swaggs here! :D
You guys are just plain out.....AMAZING! I loved all of your guys’ ideas, and it was really tough to choose, which is why I have decided to mix personality ideas. In this chapter, YOU guys choose what will happen make sure to put in what you think should happen next because you just might get chosen! :)
Alright, the people who I chose for personality ideas were......
@Angeliceberg, for the personality of Katie: girly and pretty, and obsessed with boys. For the personality of Annabeth: can be funny, and stubborn or feisty. And for the personality of Lily: teachers pet.
@pheonix510, for the personality of Elle: funny, thoughtful, perky, and is kind of sensitive. Also for the personality of Annabeth: serious and smart. And for the personality of Lily: simple, quiet, and shy.
@CookieDragon22, for the personality of Elle: social. And for the the personality of Annabeth: kinda shy
@DistrictRed, for the personslity of Annabeth: funny/good sense of humor but is sometimes misunderstood.
Also, since some of you had this idea...Anna is sarcastic and sassy
Thanks again for the great ideas, and remember to put in the comments below, of what should happen next! :)
“So who were those girls back there?” Lindsey asked me as we were walking to her house.
I shrugged. “Some new girls that came from California.” I replied back.
The rest of the walk was silent, until Lindsey told me to stop for a minute.
I looked over at her. “What? Are you tired already?” Lindsey was bent over panting and trying to catch her breath. But why? Her house was only two blocks away.
“Yeah...I’m just...hungry.” she said still trying to catch her breath.
When she finally started walking again, I decided to keep the conversation going.
“ So, what are we going to do at your house?”
“Hmmm...I dunno. Maybe help me with my math homework?”
I laughed. “Or eat a bunch of those yummy cookies your mom makes, I’m starved! And so are you.”
She shook her head, and looked as though she was...nervous. But Why? “Nah I’m good, I’ll just drink some water.”
I looked at her strictly. “Look Lindsey, I’ll shove it down your throat if I have to. You shouldn’t listen to those populars”
“No Alexis! It has nothing to do with the populars! Cookies are just unhealthy that’s all. I just want to be more healthier. Healthy is the best thing to be.” She said hesitantly.
I thought about for awhile, then said “Well I can’t argue with that. But Taylor sai—“
“Taylor was mistaken.” She said a abruptly. But then added, “Taylor just assumed that I was hurt by what those populars said to me, if anything, she’s the real enemy...She’s spreading rumors to you that are complete lies!”
I looked at her confused. “But even you said yourself tha—“
“I know what I said. I was just...really mad at the populars for saying that to me, but at the same time mad at Taylor for spreading lies to you like that, so I decided to go along with it so there wouldn’t be any commotion or ruckus, and maybe sort it out later, instead of saying straight up that Taylor lied and have a big fight or something.” She said in a rush, then gave me a reassuring smile, even though she looked like she was about to break down in tears.
I was still really confused about her concept of not telling me that Taylor lied, but I guess it made sense...I just knew that I couldn’t trust Taylor! And besides, Lindsey and I have been best friends since forever, and she would never lie to me like that.
“Oh okay. Gee, now I’m really mad at Taylor for telling me that, I can’t believe I trusted her, I’m such an idiot! I’m sorry Lindsey, I mean, how could I ever believe that you were starving yourself and thinking you were fat and ugly!”
“It’s alright, and not your fault...Taylor started the whole thing.” She said in a weird wobbly voice.
“Thanks Lindsey, your the best friend ever! I said hugging her.
“Thanks.” She said in a whisper, almost so I could barely hear her.
We went to her perch steps to open the door, then went upstairs to Lindseys room as I greeted her mom.
“Uggh, my backpack is sooo heavy!” I said.
“Really?” She said in disbelief. “Oh, well mine is too come to think of it.”
I laughed as I bounced up on her bed.
“Hey, mind turning on the radio?” I asked.
“Sure thing.” Lindsey said. Our favorite song was on by Fall Out Boy! Yay! We danced around her room to all these different songs until I couldn’t dance anymore. I flopped back down on Lindsey’s bed, and so did she.
“Oh my gosh, my hair is probably a mess!” I exclaimed.
Lindsey laughed. “Since when were you a fashionista?”
“Since now.” I said as I stood up to find a mirror for my hair. I kept looking for one. I knew Lindsey had at least 3 mirrors in her room being the fashionista that she is, but I couldn’t find any. That was weird. Just last time I came to her house and specifically remembered using one of her mirrors that was on her door to tie my hair into a ponytail. I turned towards the door to find that mirror, but nothing was there.
“Hey, Where did you put all of your mirrors?” I asked. When I turned around, Lindsey’s face had turned pale.
“Oh um, There is one in the bathroom.”
Something wasn’t right, I could tell, so I decided to push the matter forward.
“I was asking for the one you had in your room.” I said without showing any emotion.
Lindsey was now stumbling over her words. “Wha-what are you talking about? I-I never had a, I have to go to the bathroom, be right back.” She said hurriedly. She rushed out of the room while I stood there. But in the mean time I decided to do some investigating. I knew she had a mirror, but why would she ever take all of it out? I just had to find out.
I searched around her room, the living room, the trash. But nothing. I decided to search in the garage since that was the only place left to search. Walking through the garage, I saw nothing. I was about to turn back when I tripped on something, and then excruciating pain hit my leg. I shrieked a really high pitched scream. There, my leg had been scratched by a...a glass shard? I turned to see where it had come from.
And then I saw it. I saw Lindsey’s mirrors. Now broken, glass shards spilled the whole floor. But why? Why did Lindsey break her mirrors?
Then something hit me. Something horrifying. “Oh my God.” I breathed. Lindsey didn’t want to look into her mirrors, she didn’t want to see herself because she thought she was ugly, and fat, and she didn’t want to see herself...she couldn’t bare to look at herself, so she decided to throw all her mirrors away, so she wouldn’t have to see her “ugly” and “fat” self again! She lied to me! My best friend told me a total made-up story and lied in my face! And then I heard something. The horrifying sound, the liars, and betraying sound of a voice.
“Alexis.” Lindsey breathed, as tears welled up in her eyes. “It’s not what it looks like.”
Tears welled up in my eyes as well, but not in guilt, but in sadness, upset, betrayal, the feeling of being lied to,
And Anger.
What happens next? Comment below! ( I might not choose any ideas for this chapter in particular, but I might change my mind, so still feel free to comment below!

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