is popularity really what brittany wants?
“Oh my gosh Bri-Bri, your dress is just my fav!” Mckayla squealed. Brittany knew it was a fake compliment, but she liked the attention she was getting. And the nicknames. But she wouldn’t tell Mckayla she did. That would be so un-popular-like.
She had got accepted into the popular group, and she didn’t want to ruin it. It really took no effort. All she did was accidentally push some nerd in the hallway and didn’t say sorry. Then Mckayla, the leader of the popular group at school, about five girls and three boys, started to hang with her and talk about how awesome she was. Brittany really didn’t understand what was the big deal was then. It wasn’t like Mckayla was complimenting her on being mean, right? It wasn’t such a big deal. It’s not like Mckayla’s mean, she was popular, which meant she was nice, right? Right?!
Anyway it didn’t matter, because now the popular kids were hanging with her. Sure, sometimes they said some things a little sarcastic, but their comments didn’t hurt or anything, and being popular meant having attention and being, well, cool. And Brittany liked being cool. She liked being Bri-Bri.
“Seriously, Bri-Bri, where’d you get those clothes? Like, what brand?” Mckayla smiled her bright, shiny smile and flipped her blond hair.
“What, oh, this dress?” Brittany pretended it was one of her cast-off clothes. “This one is Jessica Lavota, but it’s just a school outfit.” Brittany knew Jessica Lavota was a really popular brand, but she knew that there were much better ones, that the other populars wore. She wished she had them so her bragging could be real.
“Cool,” Mckayla flipped her hair again, did a little fake smile, and turned around to talk to her other friends.
Brittany frowned, but didn’t think of it any more. I’m just starting to be popular anyway. She thought. There’s no rush. I’ll just ask my mom to get me some new clothes.
A group of populars was huddled around Mckayla, who was texting on her phone, obviously aware of the crowd waiting for her to talk. “Who wants to meet me at the Milky Way after school?” she said. All hands shot into the air. “Good,” she said, pushing a button with great enthusiasm.
“What about Soda Pop’s?” Brittany interferred. “Besides, isn’t the Milky Way where there’s a noisy bowling alley?”
“Who goes to Soda Pop’s anymore?” Mckayla laughed. “Not us populars! And who doesn’t like the Milky Way, especially the bowling alley? Not us populars! Soda Pop’s is for nerds! You’re a popular! You’re our friend!”
Mckayla gave her a hug though it was sharp and quick.
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