By: Sidney (AKA A 8th grader)
Back To War!!!
I joined the military at a young age. Knowing that I would have to go to war at some point. At boot camp, I had to do 20 push ups each day and what made me sad was that I couldn’t even do 10. Ten years later and now I’m in the Army and so far it’s a good life for me except I can’t see my family.
As I walked into my office the first thing that I hear is Capt. J. Brooks(JB) tell me to get down to airfield for my first mission. As I went down the stairs I see the airfield you can see bombs and people flying jets to attack the other bombers. The people said that I had to go on a secret mission to get another soldier that worked around the corner. Me and three other soldiers got into a nice helicopter that took us to the Pentagon to get more info on our mission.
As we land, I see the President and I feel like I want to shake his hand but I knew that now was not the time. When the President gave us our mission you could look at his face and tell that he wanted to cry. He then told us “Your mission is...TO GET MY SON!!!” and then he began crying up a storm, so I said, “Sir it will be OK we will retrieve your son, and I know it will be a big risk to us all.”. As we leave the Pentagon I can see the White House and I say to myself “Brooks the life of one man rests in your hand. We arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan for our secret mission and all I hear is “Jump in 3,2,1 JUMP”. As soon as we jump out we see a missile hit the helicopter and blow up with the pilot still inside. I was sad, but I had a job to do and that was to retrieve the President’s son who was also a fellow soldier from death.
With all of our gear in duffle bags, we start to head to a hotel not far from our target. We saw police cars everywhere with a dozen firetrucks and paramedic’s behind them going in the direction that we just came from. Then I began to think to myself “Before the helicopter blew up and fell the pilot must have called for help.”.

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