Bella’s Royal Fate
“Wake up! Wake up! Today is the day, Prince Jace chooses his princess!” my little sister Beth said bouncing on my makeshift bed, “Oh, come Bella! It could be you! Then I’d be the princess’ 3 year old sister”.
“Ok, but... ” I said scooping up Beth and running with her to the window. “ we have the best view in the whole kingdom! Only a few people can watch the Royal Choosing through the Peterson’s TV through a window and they are一”
“Me, You, Mommy and Daddy!” Beth screeched as I set her down.
“Exactly and I don’t know if I want to give that up just yet.” I reasoned kissing her cheek.
“Be quiet so I can hear.” Beth said pushing the window up with my help.
On Air
“I can’t wait until this thing starts! Then I’ll have a pretty girl with me at all times!” Prince Jace said unaware that his mic was on and that he was on air.
“Bro. If she has a cuter little sister I call dibs!” Prince Cole his younger brother said with a glint in his electric blue eyes. Just as unaware as his brother.
“Both of you should shut up before the whole kingdom hears you.” Theo the wisest, but youngest scolded.
“Thank you Theo, but we are on air and the kingdom already knows. Jace try to not scare your wife away.” the King John II bellowed. The Princes noticed, stopped abruptly and glued on fake smiles.
“Well that was… unusual. Let’s get on with business. The Prince did a kingdom wide search for the fairest in the land”, The royal announcer, Garrett Veal added with a chuckle, “ and we are pleased to say he found one. Introducing the gorgeous ,the lovely, Christina Thomas.”
As he said those words a beautiful young lady with wavy blonde hair and a lavender flowing gown walked in.
“Hello Jace!” she squealed in a voice so shrill, loud and obnoxious sounding that the next kingdom heard her and covered their ears. After this she flashed them a smile.
After seeing this Prince Jace gagged ,her teeth are yellow and falling out. The King stood up after hearing the laughs of his people.
“This was all a joke! The real princess will be revealed after these messages!” The King says hurriedly as Christina look crestfallen.
Off Air
Beth and I laughed so much our sides hurt!
“Did you see her!” I giggled
“Yah, the good thing is that you could be the princess now!” When Beth said this I stopped laughing and glared at her. Before I could get a word out she said.
“Shh! It’s starting!” She said smiling and hopping up.
On Air
“We are back at the Royal Choosing and the picture of this special young lady will flash across the screen.” As Garrett said this a picture of a gorgeous girl with wavy shoulder-length honey brown hair, big brown eyes and pearly white teeth. Everything about her was beautiful, but she had an unusual streak of electric blue hair . The streak was so small that you may miss it, but as soon as you notice it you can’t miss it.
The crowd cheered after seeing her. As did the royal family.
Turning to the camera Garrett Veal said, “ Ms. Bella Goodland. What a elegant name for an elegant girl. Ms. Bella will be picked up today in 3 hours and taken to the royal palace. You viewers will be able to see the making of a queen. This is Garrett Veal signing off!”
Off Air
“Yes!” Beth screamed chanting, “Bella’s gonna be a princess!”
“What?! How did they even get that picture. Oh, the student pictures!” I said frantically.
My mom and Dad bursted in smiling.
“Oh I knew you would go places!” My Dad said.
“I’ll miss you!” said my mom smiling.
“Why are you being so normal about it!” I said frustrated that they were so fast to send me off.
“First, we are happy for you. Second, we had to sign a waver as soon as you came of age that says we need to encourage you and if you ever get chosen we must welcome it with open arms. So that you, the new princess and future queen, will not be influenced by your parents to stay.” My mom said looking miserably at the floor.
“This is punishable by double taxes, a fourth of our additional wages, and Beth will have to work as a maid. So say nothing about this conversation. And promise not to forget us.” My dad said full of hope as he put his pinky out.
“Promise.” I said interlocking my pinky with his as we both smiled.
Sadly our happy moment could not last because the royal trumpet sounded and a short plump lady with cropped fiery red hair and a tall man with ruffled black hair entered. As we gazed the lady rolled her eyes and said, “Come, Come! We haven’t got all day. You said goodbye ,right? If not hurry up!”
I turned my parents and kissed them both on the cheek, but as I walked towards Beth she smiled up at me and said, “ Write to me! I love you! Tell me about your fairytale life. Oh, let us visit. Get me a pony too!” as she gazed up at me with her brown eyes she added, “Please don’t forget me! Take me if you can! I’ll miss you so much Bella!” I hugged her tight.
Then I got an idea, “Can Beth come! Please, if she comes then I won’t be as emotional and cry in the car.”
“Oh Darling, you won’t cry in the car you look like eighteen or nineteen. Way too old to cry.” The man said as he chuckled.
I looked at him with a cold expression, “Watch me. Then when we get there I will tell the public that everyone in the palace are mean and hate little kids. Oh, I can see the headlines: Castle Hates Children. The king would love that, but he would love the guys that made me say that even more.”
They stared at me in shock. “Of course you can take here we love kids. Right Louise” the man said with fake enthusiasm.
“Right, Mason.” Said the lady, Louise.
I grinned and scooped up Beth, “Guess who gets to ride in a royal limo?” I asked her
Beth gasped and then smiled. We walked towards a limo that read, Princess.
“Why are you here so early anyway?” I asked opening the door.
“So we can fix you ,and the midget I suppose.” Louise said.
I rolled my eyes as I shut the door. Then I looked inside setting Beth down. It was a movable salon.
“Ok, I am Louise as you know. I am here to help. What color do you want your hair? Wait I don’t care about your opinion!” Louise said as she laughed like a loonatic. She pressed a button and a sink with hair products popped out. She just took the shampoo and conditioner and washed my hair. After 30 minutes of poking and prodding my hair was braided into a fishtail with a strand of blue hair braided in.
“Now I actually care what you want. Do you want to look like a elegant princess like Garrett implied or a gorgeous show stopper that Jace wants.” Louise asked.
“How about一” I start.
“Gorgeous show stopper it is!” Mason interrupts.
After 1 hour of makeup, dresses and crowns they were done with both me and Beth.
Mason put Beth’s golden blonde hair into two braided pigtails with bows on the top. Then, to Beth’s delight, they gave her a small pink gown and sparkly lip gloss. She looked absolutely adorable! They smiled as they turned my to a mirror. I looked like I had flawless skin, I had dark pink lips, faded blue eyeshadow, and a long baby blue floor length dress. I gasped at my self, but when I tried to talked it sounded muffled.
Louise smiled then said, “There now you look less… horrid. Now we have about 30 minutes left to go over rules.”
“First, always take the prince’s advice even on fashion or cutting your hair. I know surprising, and he knows nothing about fashion!” Mason said trembling like he was taking a blow to the face.
“Second always take him seriously, unless he doesn’t want you to! Laugh but not to fakely! Smile, but never ever grin.” She said like it made sense.
The rest of the ride went like this. My least favorite rule was, act like you are happy even if you are crying.
Then they looked at me seriously and Mason asked, “Have you ever had a boyfriend?”
I stared at them before saying, “No, why? Has the prince had a girlfriend.”
They laughed before Louise said, “ Of course so many we lost count! Just一”
“No I have had none. So he can have ‘so many you lost count’, but you get mad at me if I had one.” I said annoyed.
“Yes, he is the Prince and he wants to be the first person his bride ever dated so he can say ‘It was love at first sight’ or something,” He said shrugging it off.
“He is so annoy一” I started before Beth interrupted.
“Remember rule 97 no saying mean things, even Mommy tells us that one!” She said smiling and playing with her hair.
“Thank you Midget” said Louise giving Beth a brush with a crown engraved on it as a reward for reminding me.
Traitor! , I thought.
I rolled my eyes and in a couple long and tiring minutes we were there. I hope I don’t blow this. It’s my royal fate I can’t fail, right?
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