BEing a Superhero is Rough
The “H” on my sweater stands for Harper, which is my name.
Oh yeah, hello.
This is a story about me, Harper. I am 16 years old and live in Washington State, Seattle. Yeah, I live with my parents, but I have a life that can be summed up as better than yours.
I’m a superhero.
I know that sounds crazy, but I live in a crazy neighborhood, in a crazy city, in a crazy state. That’s just how we roll. But this is no ordinary superhero story, although there is a bad guy, and a girl, and there’s a big city, but I’m a teenager, so that makes a 1% difference than any other superhero story. Maybe we should move on with the story, yeah.
We take place in Seattle, Washington, in a suburban neighborhood. Although everything seemed fine and dandy, crime happened everyday. Bank robberies, jewel store robberies, bakery robberies? Sometimes. Even if crime happened daily, I still seemed pretty safe. Not all the cops were great in our city, but some were. Except, even though I mostly felt safe, a part in me wanted more justice. Some of these criminals would escape in time and still be out there, I wanted somebody who could stop those guys the first time, I wanted a hero.
Except that seemed impossible.
No one would be strong enough to do that, I wished that I could do something like that.
It’s morning time, I get out of bed and rub my eyes. The sun bleaches my room so bright that my eyes instantly close. With my eyes a quarter of the way open, I shut my blinds and open my eyelids all the way. I’ve already said eyes four times, *clears throat*.
I walk down stairs and go into the kitchen.
“Sup dweeb.” My little sister Talleen greets.
“Morning dumbledore.” I reply.
“That’s a new one.” She says.
“Yeah well, I try.” I respond.
“Try to be less ugly?” She jokes.
“You could try to be less short.” I laugh. I get some cereal and sit at the table, she comes too with a bowl of cereal of her own.
“You’ve been cleaning up your acne?” She asks.
“Umm, yeah, why?” I question.
“Because you look like you’re twelve.” She answers.
“Says the twelve year old.” I smirk.
“I’m only three years younger than you.” She adds.
“Almost four years.” I say.
“Whatever ‘geekager’, the only age that’s going up is your face looking older.” She tries to make fun of me.
“Yeah alright.” I finish up my cereal and put my dish in the sink, I then go upstairs to get ready for school.
I put my English books inside my locker and put my Math books in my backpack. Math was first period so I had to be ready. I closed my locker and walked toward my class.
“Hey Harp.” My friend greets me.
“Sup Ken.” I greet back.
“You ready for the Math test today?” Ken asks.
“Crud, I only got to study till question 6, how about you?” I question.
“I got 7 to 12!” He answers.
“Okay, great, I’ll sit next to you.” I plan.
“Oh yeah and I was thinking after class maybe we should-“ Ken starts. My sight went over to the hallway, Paige Winfrie was walking down it. Paige was my crush, I have to admit. She wasn’t the “popular girl,” but was known by a lot of people. Her hair was black and her skin was tan, her eyes were dark brown as dirt. Like, soiled dirt. I mean, like, pretty dirt, or something. She was wearing a red sweater and blue jeans, her shoes were dark brown as well, which matched her eyes of course.
“And so I was thinking that we could stop by there before we go to the other place.” Ken finishes.
“Huh?” I ask while still staring at Paige.
“Is Paige behind me?” He questions.
“Uhhh, yeah.” I answer. Ken turns around.
“Man I wish I could date her.” Ken whispers.
“We all do dude.” I whisper back to him. Ken turns back to me, I give him my attention.
“So what I was saying was-“ The bell rings before Ken could finish.
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