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The Heart of Sea
The bout crashed as people started to die... The only person standing was only a baby who didn’t even have a first tooth or a first word... He laid on the sand crying, crying louder than any baby in the Universe. Then a wise old man stood up, and he said his last words... “Your future is old...” He began.“Older than heaven, older than God, older than everything...” The only thing I can give you is this...” He got a little stick looking thing threw it at him, then fell to the ground. The baby touched it and it instantly turned into a green, blue color, then started crying all over again, for not hearing the mans voice. “Hello?” I voice said. He saw all of the dead men on the ship and the baby crying. “OH NO!” He carried the baby to his place, seeing a little tag that said; ‘Ammon’. “Shh, don’t worry Ammon I may not be your Father but I’ll still care for you...”
Thanks for reading the prologue! I know it’s kind of a harsh story so far but it’s only the prologue the Chapters will be less harsh. I hope you’ll still be reading The Heart of Sea! The next chapter will be longer!

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