Proper Girls
Anna’s P.o.v
Welcome to Proper Girls, The School for training to be sold off to princes as their lovely wives, sounds nice, right.
My mother with her red hair and her bad skin was never sent to Proper Girls so when my mother died Grandma took the opportunity to ship me off to the island where Proper Girls was.
Lucky for Grandma, I looked nothing like my mother. I had beautiful dark brown hair and fair, and beautiful light skin.
The plane ride to Proper Girls was awful, there was only me that was going off to Proper Girls.
I sat next to some old guy who kept snoring and drooling on my shoulder. One kid behind me was pulling my hair, and the other kid was screaming at the top of his lungs at the woman across the aisle to wake up.
When I got there it was nice,
I went upstairs to take a bath and get dressed for dinner and meet the other girls.
I entered the dinning hall and I gasped at how beautiful and fancy the dinner room was. Turns out there is only five other girls at the moment and they are getting more in a few more days.
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