All Endings are Just beginnings
“Worry not, old friend, death is just a path we must take to further our journey.”
The room was cold.
There was no happiness in the sun shining in the window.
No joy in the flowers placed by it.
No comfort in the blankets for this white-haired elderly woman.
The only peace in for her
was the book lying on the bedside table.
It regaled stories of fighters,
knights in shining armor,
people who’s happy endings were not far away.
But as all people know, endings always come.
They come with happy tears
or overjoyed faces
the thought that a loved one is safe.
But some endings are not as grateful.
They come with the shock of sudden pain
the last words of a murmured prayer
a cry of disbelief
or a calm, vacant expression.
The quiet beeping rang from her right.
She looks at the clear tube coming from her wrist and into the machine that keeps her alive. But staying alive was getting old, like this woman. She was alone in this world.
It’s time to let go, my friend.
The sound of the heart monitor was a constant beep.
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