The universe’s most dynamic duo
Puckett & Paris
A Day in the Life
I stood, scanning the rolling slopes of the mountain with my paws planted firmly against my hips. My brain was still foggy, covered in the blanket that fatigue usually tossed over my mind.
This morning was different than others though. I wasn’t offered the luxury of being coaxed out of my slumber with the chirps of my alarm clock. Instead my eyes shot open to see Puckett’s stricken face as he threw himself onto my bed, making it rock treacherously.
“Paris, you gotta get up!” He had wailed, throwing his head back so his ears flopped dramatically to the side. I swiped the sleep from my eyes and sat up.
“Wah... What is it?” I croaked.
“Kanoe stole our charger crystal!” Puckett exclaimed, his big eyes screens of raw despair. My lips curled into a scowl and I threw the covers off my bed. “It’s never too early for that guy, is it? He’s probably using it to power one of his half-baked inventions again.” I grumbled.
I stared at the mountain for a moment longer, blinked, and rested my paws on the top of my tool belt. Puckett joined my side, smirking excitedly.
Kanoe’s lair was sloppily selected. The base of the Gray Mountains were garbed in power poles, wires, cables, and chain-link fences. The signs warned of radiation and toxic waste, but Puckett and I picked our way through the “Electromeiosis Plant” with relative ease and courage.
The path winded around the mountain until it eventually led into the mouth of a cave. The climb always left us breathless, and Puckett and I both agreed that Kanoe should just go ahead and install an elevator.
At first the cave was dark and foreboding, but the further in you traveled, the more secrets the tunnel revealed. Puckett and I slowed to a sneak and tiptoed through the last stretch.
I felt my foot brush against something and a metallic snap sounded to my left. I froze and had no time to react when branches of crude metal snapped down from the ceiling and trapped me. Puckett’s cry bounced off the cave’s walls as a similar cage fell from the ceiling and encased him in thin fingers of iron.
A laugh broke the eerie silence, shrill and confident. My brow sagged with frustration as the lights flicked on, revealing an environment that was less natural than the shadows led you to believe.
We were sitting in the middle of a lab, tricked out with control panels, test tubes, and glass chambers.
Something flashed in my peripheral vision, and I snapped my neck back to see the grinning eyes of Dr. Kanoe.
He was a strange little guy, standing no taller than three feet. Scales encased his wiry, monitor-like body. A purple tongue darted between green and blue lips, accompanied by two shining eyes. A clean white lab coat hung on his shoulders.
“Dr. Kanoe!” Puckett growled, reaching out from the cage. His little nose twitched with rage and his eyes were glowing orbs of fury. “Give us back our charger crystal!” He demanded.
The monitor threw back his head and chortled, his reptilian body twitching with delight. “Haha, we meet again Puckett and Paris!” He cackled. With effortless speed, he darted up a set of stairs and began to punch numerous codes into his control panel with his long claws.
“You see, little rabbits,” He sneered, straightening his coat. “I will use your precious crystal to power my latest invention!” With that, the lights flickered, but our attention was quickly drawn up to the intimidating rod clutched in Kanoe’s hands, appearing seemingly out of thin air.
“What’s that?” I called, folding my arms over my chest. Kanoe’s eyes glittered mischievously in response.
“I will use this to collect power from the surrounding islands, collecting up the electricity filled cavities that lie beneath the land. Once I collect up enough energy, I’ll have enough power to take over the world!” He cackled, throwing back his long flat head.
Puckett and I exchanged a look of doubt. It seemed far-fetched, but needed to be stopped nevertheless. As Kanoe ranted, I slipped my paw into my tool belt, unhooking a slender purple gun. A hook rested in the mouth of the grappling gun, and I positioned it carefully through the bars of the cage.
I squeezed the trigger, and the hook shot out from the gun, reaching up to grasp the rocky ceiling. Puckett caught on quickly and began to do the same with the grappling gun he had stashed in his backpack. Kanoe was busy, obsessed with his brilliance as he declared his future domination of the planet.
With the gun wedged tightly between the bars, I clicked the trigger again. The cage lurched and flew away as the gun shot up to meet the hook. The metal clanged against the rocky roof accompanied by Puckett’s.
With nimble reflexes, we sprang from our crouch and bounded towards the rod. Kanoe squealed with surprise and nearly dropped his precious device. He collected himself and swung it in crazy defense as we loped towards him.
When I was within his range, he swung it towards my midfriff. I ducked, the metal brushing the tips of my ears. Puckett sprang from behind, snatching the rod and tripping Kanoe with his lanky legs. The monitor wheezed a breath of defeat as his body fell into the ground.
“Hah! Take that Dr. Kanoe!” He sang, waving the rod triumphantly through the air. His fingers ran across the shaft, fell into a niche, and pressed a hidden button. A compartment in the side slid open, revealing the blue glow of our beloved charger crystal.
Puckett plucked it up, polished it on his shirt, and tucked it into his pocket. “Good work Puck!” I smiled.
His eyes sparkled and he planted his hands on his hips. “Eh, no biggy right? All in the day in the life of Puckett and Paris!”
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