Raised By Wolves
At Night, In Bed
Nicky was sleeping in bed. Her dad told her a story about a pack of wolves. Nicky was fascinated! She wanted to be a wolf too. She wanted to run fast, be able to see at night and have fun playing with cubs! She would dream about them every night. Until one day......
Her dad was at work so he couldn’t read to her at night. She couldn’t dream about anything wolfy! All she could think about was, C’mon dad, Hurry! Hurry up and get home so you can read and I can dream!
Soon, she went to sleep thinking about her dad getting home. He actually had a training, and would return after 1 day. All she could dream about was a wolf howling to the moon. Not like the other dreams she had, like her playing with cubs, and running really fast, it was just a wolf howling. Just a wolf howling. And suddenly, she felt like that wolf was right in front of her.
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