I have many secrets. Secrets that no one know about. My most protected secret is that I have a crush on Dezman Davis. He’s a real cutie, but there’s one problem. Dezman already has a girlfriend.
Her name is Savanna Marks. She is the most popular and mean girl in the school. She always has her Band of cliques following her. They are Pearl, Bella, and Naomi. They are so mean. You can never go anywhere with out running into them.
My name is Sara Denver. I am a normal human being. Who goes to a “normal” high school. That’s right a “ normal “ high school. Nope! My school is anything BUT normal. Last week when Savanna didn’t get invited to a slumber party she chucked a chair at someone.
Like I said totally normal. Our school has allot of weird things going on. Our Principal Mrs. Dunn for example is so old that she has no hair. So she wears wigs. But the weird thing is she wears a diffrent wig every day. Mrs. Dunn says that she just dyes her hair, but everyday? I mean come on. It’s totally weird.
I was teased at school for the way I looked. I was a small kid with kind of longish, shortish red hair. I had plain brown eyes. No one ever saw me as a normal person. They thought I looked extraordinary.
1. Because I am the only person in the whole school with red hair.
2. Because I am small.
3. Because I am a geek and a dork.
4. Becuase I am a TOTAL tomboy.
I was often made fun of for everything I did. Pretty soon I got used to it but my feelings still hot hurt. All I know is that a new school year is starting. It’s my second year of high school. My goal? To have a better year.
“Mom!”, I groaned, “ Where is my uniform?”
“ Huh?”,
“ WHERE IS MY UNIFORM?”, I yelled.
“ In the laundry room!”, she said.
“ Thanks!”, I yelled. I ran down the stairs and into the basement. My family had an unfinished basement so it was pretty ugly down there. I ran to the dryer, opened the lid, and set a laundry bin beside it. I started taking the laundry out of machine and setting it inside the basket. I picked it up and went upstairs to my room.
“ Great!”, I said,” Now it’s time for my most favorite part. Folding!”, I said sarcastically. I began to put my clothes away when there was a knock at my door. “ Come in!”, I say. The door opened and my best friends Nicole and Emma walked in.
“ Hey guys!”, I said.
“ Hey girlfriend!”, Emma said.
“ What’s up?”, Nicole asked.
“ Nothing much.”, I said.
“ Same here”, Emma said. Nicole plopped down on my red beanbag. She stretched herself out then slumped down into a ball.
“ So you excited for the new school year?”, Emma asked.
“ Yep!”, Nicole said.
“ I wasn’t asking you silly!”, said Emma, “ I was asking Sara!”
“ Not really”, I groaned.
“ Dong worry Sara”, Nicole said, “ They’ll have stopped bullying you by now.”
“ I hope so!”, I said and we headed downstairs to go to the park.
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