A tag Story
Author’s Note
Dear reader,
For your attention, this is a tag story.
It’s basically a story with YOUR choices in it.
So, I’m going to start, you write your ideas in the comment section and ENJOY!
“What is it now?” I asked bitterly.
“Go eat your dinner! It’s getting cold!”
“But I clearly said I was making dinner!” I complained, but carrying on kneading dough.
“Well, you didn’t need to, numpty!”
“You’re the best brother in the world.” I said sacastically, putting my uncooked pizza in the oven. You see, I love cooking and baking. It’s my all time hobby!
“Well, you need to get downstairs! Mum and Dad are calling for you!”
I rolled my eyes and got downstairs.
Author’s Note
Soooo... our story begins with young Kath going downstairs to dinner!
Now it’s YOUR turn!
Suggest a name for Kath’s annoying brother, her mum and dad and three random girl’s names.
Oh, and give yourself a nickname too! (I’m not allowed to use your usernames :/)
Also say what you think will happen next!
Eek! I can’t wait!
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