Creeze chronicles #5
“Breeze!! Breeze!!” I yelled as I stared at her motionless form. “Wake up!!! Wake up!!”
“Breeze....” Andrea squeezed in beside me, tears welling in her eyes.
“C’mon, Breeze, live!! Wake up....” Jordan begged.
“I think she’s gone,” Uncle Jack replied solemnly.
“She can’t be,” her mother wailed. Her dad comforted her quietly.
Then, the helicopter pilot stepped forward. He pushed his way through and knelt down beside her. I gazed at him hopefully. He locked his fingers together and placed them on her chest. He pressed hard. Once. Twice. Three times. Still nothing. Four times. Five times.
“Breeze!” She sputtered, chocking up water.
“My head,” Breeze murmurred groggily, her eyes clouded with pain.
“Someone call the nearest hospital,” the pilot instructed. “Keep her awake and get her to the helicopter.”
Uncle Jack got on the phone, while Jordan and I helped carry her to the pain. “Stay awake just a little longer.” I told her.
“Who are you?” She asked and gazed at the falls distractedly.
“It’s me. You remember me,” I promised. “I’m Caleb. I’m your best friend.”
“No, my favorite store is.... what is it? Ow, I have a headache. A really bad one. It hurts like pine trees,” she complained and felt for her head, but instead whacked my stomach.
Jordan and I shared a distraught glance. Uh-oh. This can’t be happening. She has to be okay.
We got her on the helicopter, but she soon tried to fall asleep. I shook her. She woke up and stared around. “We’ll get you to a hospital soon,” I promised.
“Is that where you get ice cream?” She asked. “Yum, thanks.” She reached into the air, and grabbed an imaginary object, then began licking it.

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