Book of mini mysteries
Red Paint
Victim 1
Mr. and Mrs. Roman
Both Murdered
Pt 1
“Attention!” Chief Walter yelled.
All eyes were fixed on him.
“Three announcements. Number one,” He said, pacing around the room like a wild tiger. “There is a robbery downtown. I have-“ he was interrupted by his walkie talkie.
“Sir, we’ve found the robber.”
“Thank you Watson.” I watched him turn off the walkie talkie.
“Never mind. Only two announcements. Number one, I need someone to get to the bottom of the kidnapping of Carl Hillman. Number two, Mr. and Mrs. Roman got murdered. Mr. Roman found in the attic. Mrs. Roman found at a campsite.” Chief paused for a moment. “Allison, you will be doing the kidnap crime, like always. And Nicole,” His eyes locked on mine as he smiled. He always had a slight crush on me as Chief was currently single. I smiled back. “You and Viki are taking the murder scene. The rest of you, watch the city. As you all know this city is crowded and busy. Dismissed!”
I high-fived Viki. We were best friends and happened to work together most of the time. When Viki wasn’t doing crime scenes, she would be at the front desk giving officers crime scene folders.
“So, where’s the folder?” I asked.
“It’s somewhere over here...” She said, rummaging through the cabinets.
“You know, for a front desk officer, you should be a little tidier.”
Viki gave me a small nudge and we walked over to the parking lot, laughing as though nothing ever happened.
We arrived at the crime scene of Mrs. Roman. Apparently, there were a few other officers at Mr. Romans crime scene.
“Look! Viki and Nicole are here.”
“Viki! Nicole! We’ve found some pretty interesting things.” Said a girl named Holly.
“Alright. fill us in.”
“So, we found there was a super sharp glass blade that could’ve killed Mrs. Roman and thenwesawthissuperweirdsignslashsymbolonarockand-“
“Woah slow down, Hol” Viki said.
“Okay, and then now we think we’ll let you check the cameras.”
We arrived at the small office that held all the cameras. I thanked a lady there and she showed us where we should look.
“Okay, Vik, what time?”
“Um... Time: 6:30-7:30.”
I clicked on a slide that said “6:39”
That wasn’t so useful, it was a squirrel dashing into a bush.
We tried a few others and we clicked on the last one, 6:58, I could not believe what I saw.
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