Red River Gorge
The Road Trip
Today, I was going to Red River Gorge, a woods in Kentucky. I was also going with my friend, Azalia. It was a long way, about 2 hours away! We were going camping for the summer, and this was my first time going camping in the woods! We all got in the car and we drove off. The highway was nearby, so we got on it. It was very busy. I brought my blanket, so Azalia, Mariel, and I shared it (I was sitting in the middle, so it was very uncomfortable!). We got off the highway, and after a while, we ran into some woods. We thought it was Red River Gorge, but we had to do some driving to get to our cabin. We finally got there. It had a super-long driveway, many rooms, TV with no channels, bath, fridge, light, cooling, and more that you would find in a normal home. We found our own private trail, but we would wait until tomorrow to hike it. We ate dinner and went to bed.
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