The Story Continues
Custody of Mr. Wolfe
“Custody goes to...Mr. Wolfe.” The judge struck the mallet down. I think I knew all along how this court case was going to go. Granny had passed and my parents signed custody over to my Uncle Wolfe.
It seems our families have had a long history together. Starting with my Great grandmother Red Riding Hood.
My names Redd.
Just Redd. No Hood, Hoodie, Jacket or Cape.
Wolfe stands up from his chair, buttons his suit jacket and walks towards me.
The dull grayish light in this, dull court room can only express my sorrow at the loss of my Granny.
“Look, I know this isn’t how the story is supposed to go love, trust me. If my family knew I just got custody of a Redd, they’d kick me out of the pack.” He leans down to my level.
His British accents is quite calming. He doesn’t look like any of his relatives that I’ve seen. First of all he wears a three piece, Italian made suit.
His fur is brushed, his breath smells like roses and he has a spark in his eye that I can’t tell if it is a good or bad thing.
I remain silent.
“What’s the name love?” He stands back up, looking down at me.
He must be like 6’3, while I’m only 5’4.
“Well, it isn’t Love.” I cross my arms and slightly turn away from him.
“Well love it is, until I know what it is.” He smirks and crosses his arms mimicking me.
“Isn’t it obvious what it is?” I sit on the wooden railing.
Most people are filing out of the courtroom, I guess trying to avoid the doom and gloom storm that’s bubbling over my head right now.
“I don’t like assumptions Love. I’d rather you tell me yourself.” Wolfe grins and looks at his watch.
“What’s your name? Wolfe?” I widen my eye and shake my head sarcastically.
“Erin Wolfe actually. You can call me Erin or Wolfe whichever you prefer.”
I bite my lip and turn away from him.
He may have won that battle, but I’m going to win the war.
“Fine then. Come along Love. I must show you you’re new home and school and neighbor-hood.” His smirk widens.
I just realized he made a jab at my family name when he said neighbor- HOOD.
I roll my eyes and stand.
He politely opens the little wooden swinging door and lets me out first.
I can’t believe no one in the Red family wanted me.
As we exit the court room flashing cameras and newspaper reporters fill the court hall.
“Excuse me Mr. Wolfe, is it true you’re taking custody of Granny Red’s kid?” Simple Simon the reporter from the Pie Man Journal asks.
“Obviously, if you were in the courtroom you could have heard the verdict. Since, you do not have the answer to the redundant question you just asked me, it lets me know you were not. I guess you were missing your penny...again.” Wolfe responds quite calmly.
“Mr. Wolfe what are you going to do with the with Granny Red’s kid?” Another reporter asks.
“Well, me and Love will do what we will after we escape your clutches. No more comments thank you.” Wolfe grabs me by the shoulder and guides me through the crowd of people.
It’s apparent I didn’t get out much for everyone to only know me by “Granny Red’s Kid”.
Walking out to the parking lot, neither of us speak.
I try to look at him slyly, but every time I do he catches me glare and returns the gaze.
I pull up my hoodie and stuff my hands in my pockets.
This story would never reach the human world.
There goes my big chance.
Now, I’m stuck with this guy.
“Which ones your car?” I mumble.
Wolfe laughs.
He stands still and points.
“That one.”
I follow his finger to a sleek black convertible.
My mouth drops.
“Close your mouth Love, that’s how you catch flies.”
I shut my mouth while he clicks a button on his car keys.
The doors open upward.
“Come along, Love. Much to do, such little time to do it in.”
He climbs into the car.
There is only a front seat.
“Where’s the back seat?” I slightly lean into the car.
“You’re fourteen years old Love, surely you don’t need a back seat.” He smiles at me.
This is going to be harder than I thought.
“Maybe, I don’t want to ride next to you.”
“Maybe you prefer walking.” He winks.
“Ugh.” I sigh and sit in the front seat.
He closes the door and revs the engine. He turns the radio on to some sad song, as we pull out of the parking lot.
Turning left out of the court house we slowly drive by my old neighborhood.
“Where are we moving anyway?” I ask my eyes scanning my old street. It was true Granny had moved to Animal Hallow so all of my friends were... you guessed it. Animals.
Be as it may, I’m still going to miss them.
“We are going to Fantasy Heights.”
“Isn’t that the richest city know to Fairy Tales?” I turn my head towards him.
He smiles.
“Yes it is, I told you I decided to make something better out of my life than raiding Reds.”
I cross my arms.
That comment broke the amazement of Fantasy Heights.
Here I am, going to the Richest City, in the Custody of Mr. Wolfe
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