“Everything I loved soon became everything I lost”
Reliable Management
My big yellow bedroom with a cat named “Muffin”
In Florida, you never see anything boring or regular. It’s always amazing and different every time I wake up and look over at the horizon, there’s either dolphins playing happily near the cove, or some seagulls screeching down by thing beaches. You never really now, it’s like a surprise ever day.
My mother and I live in a small cove called “Sandy Cove” on the water. We’ve lived hear since I was born and nothing has really changed, the only thing that has changing is that fact that I’m getting older and Muffin is getting fatter by the second.
We’ve tried putting Muffin on a diet, but nothing seems to work, that red fur of her’s keeps on growing and growing, I think that one day she might pop like a balloon and go hurdling into outer space, along with all of her cat food.
Mom and I talk about getting Muffin a small companion, like a kitten that she can look after. But mom just doesn’t really have the time so far, and I still have to go to school and work at a retail shop across the corner. But my mom works from home so she usually takes care of Muffin, but we still think that she gets lonely.
But when I don’t work, and none of my friends are up to hanging out by the cafe, (or they just don’t care that I’m lonely,) Muffin and I chill in my big yellow room.
The walls are stripped with yellow and white lines and my dresser and desk are also yellow. But my nightstand is white and has a pink lamp with dots all over it.
My room is a hardwood covered floor so in the center of the room I have a small blue rug, I think that the rug and my bed sheets are one of the only things in my room that isn’t yellow and/or white.
Muffin will usually just hang on her yellow cat tower and sleep like she’s never slept before, (which isn’t true because she sleeps 24-7,) while I just lay in bed on my phone. I go through my pictures from the past sometimes and maybe look at videos as well, I don’t have any social media apps because I never really have time for them. The only thing “social media-e” that I have on my phone is Facebook. And that’s only because I’m in charge of keeping the world posted about the retail store I work at.
And so you know what the weirdest thing about me is? (Well, there’s a lot of weird things about me but this is pretty strange,) I’ve never had a boyfriend before, and tomorrow I start my first day of my sophomore year of high school, and I’m STILL single. All of my friends have actually had boyfriends before though, I’m just the odd one out. (Or the ugly duckling, you can take your pick.)
But mom says that I’m to good for boys, and that I don’t need them. But then I wonder, “how did you and dad hook up?” And I honestly still don’t know why dad left, mom refuses to tell me still to this day. I really don’t know why, but I basically gave up asking her because she got all teary eyed whenever I brought it up. It really made me feel sad though, this woman has been through so much. 16 years ago she lost her husband, her mom, and then became a mother all in one day.
That’s actually the only thing she did tell me about my dad though, and grandma as well. (Poor Ol’ Grandma Brown didn’t stand a chance against that vicious hamster, not a chance.)
But this year, I think things will get better, for me and mom. I don’t know why, I just have this gut feeling about tomorrow.
And boy do I hope that I’m right.

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