the real romeo and Juliet?
Remy and Julius
Tryout = Mistake
It was August, August 15th to be exact. There was only a few months until Christmas break, and also a few months until the Oakenburg High’s Farewell/Christmas play. Each year Oakenburg would vote on the top ten favorite plays voted by the students, which then will determine what play we would be deciding on. This year was Romeo and Juliet, a classic Shakespearian play.
I’m not too much into romances, all that mushy stuff is just a waste of time to me. Especially Romeo and Juliet, the tragic love story of two teens who loved each other so much they killed themselves. Pretty stupid right? I certainly don’t think I would ever kill myself over a girl, especially not over Remy Nolen.
Remy and I have been classmates since I could remember. We used to play in the sandbox together, I think I realized I hated her when she dumped sand all over my head and eyes. I use that to my advantage; mostly as an excuse to why I wear glasses.
Remy was the type of girls who think fighting is the way to resolve live issues. I have a theory she started the cooties. When we were six, she used to tell all the girls, boys had a infection that would kill you instantly if you touched them, which explains why my little sister screams every time I try to take her hand.
Everyone has labels at my school, some good, some bad, her label was the tomboy. I myself am more of a laid back soul, I really care what’s going on unless I’m apart of it. I would get a bit more complex about it, but I don’t think it really matters in this story.
Before I say anything else I might as well get straight to the point, it was four-thirty, technically we should be off of school right now, but thanks to Ms. Flangan - our drama teacher - she made sure every student in sight would stay a couple of hours to tryout for the new play. I was walking past the class when Missy Jones called me out and hence why I’m here, trying out for Romeo, with Remy.
“Alright, now begin in page three, Act One.” muttered Ms. Flangan, flipping through her play book.
Remy shot a death glare at me before picking up her play book and skimming through to find the right one.
Reluctantly doing the same I stood in silence as Remy nudged me to say my line, “U-Uh...Out of her i-in ...f-favor, where I am in love...” stuttering, not so well. The words on the page were scrambled and blurred, they were worded weirdly and I didn’t seem to understand why. Adjusting my glasses I squint as hard as I could, but I wouldn’t see the words.
Ms. Flangan laughed a bit, clapping her hands, “Bravo, Julius, Bravo. And its ‘Out of her,’ not ‘Out of her in.’ Otherwise, very good job.” I noticed a few snickers in the back, Ben and Monty, another group of friends. Their pale complexions were bright pink and their cheeks were puffed out, probably containing their laughter.
Rolling my eyes I slipped the book back on the table and went over to them, clenching my fists until they turned white, “What now!” I groaned, throwing my hands into the hair.
“Y-Y-You looked so s-stupid!” laughed Monty, punching my arm with his cold boney fist. Monty was a strange guy, boney and lanky isn’t a good mixture, reminds me of something out of a horror film. His unruly black mop of hair just about covers his eyes and had he not cut it; would touch the floor.
“Psh, could you imagine doing the kissing scene with Remy?” teased Ben, holding his stomach as his laugher echoed the room. Ben was two years older than us, but failed three times. Technically only twice, but seeing this years grades- he’s going nowhere. Unlike Monty, Ben was short (only 5’2) and normal weight, his light-brown hair was a bit more wavy and curly.
Shaking my head I returned them with a small sigh, running a hand through my hair, “Dude, with my performance I would be lucky controlling the curtains.”
They both continued to laugh, muttering something about curtains and kissing, I usually tune them out at this point.
“Alright Class, Gather, Gather!” called Ms. Flangan, waving her hands around.
As the class gathered around her she gave her usual cheeky smile, “The cast will now be announced, Ben Harlem will be Benvolio. Monty Pilot would be Sampson. Remy will be Juliet. Romeo will be Julius, and the rest of the cast will be on the clipboard.” Ms. Flangan left a small black clipboard on the table, where the students surrounded.
No way was I playing as Romeo, I couldn’t be. After my performance I thought for sure I wouldn’t even be it.
As I snatched the clipboard, Remy’s eyes met up with mine, faking a small smile before grabbing the clip board from my hands. As we both looked at it we exchanged cringes.
“There is no way you’re going to be Romeo.” she snapped.
“ it or not, I am.”
“I’m not gonna kiss you!”
“Well, we can’t skip that scene, so you are.”
“Idiot!” she slapped my face before storming out of the room, her fists clenched.
“Great job Julius, pat on the back for the performance, now we don’t have a Juliet.” clapped Missy, slipping her hands on her hips.
I closed my eyes, rolling them as she continued to rant on me, Way-to-go me! If participating wasn’t bad enough I have Miss Stage manager scolding me like she was my mom. Tuning her out I couldn’t help but see the cold stares from Ben and Monty, they were just as scared as I. Who could blame them, they didn’t even bother to try out and I’m 89 percent sure Ben can’t read. What a production this will be.
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