Book 3 in the captive series
Torture. That is the only word I can think of to describe my time here...
Jon walked into my room. It was the same one I had the first time except relocated to next to his. The only difference was that there was no door leading outside to the beach and there was no balcony. I didn’t realize it until a few days ago but my room’s paint was made with shard. Jon cringed every time he entered from our joined doors. I haven’t left this room for 8 days. Staring at the same thing every day was awful.
Jon set down a tray of food. It was the same every day. A bowl of oatmeal, a banana, and a glass of water. Same goes for lunch. Same goes for dinner. I hated it.
“Todays the Day.” Jon said.
Dang It! Goodbye World! Bess screamed.
“You should be excited. You’ll get that THING out of your head. Eat Quickly.” He slammed the door.
How are you going on that escape plan? Bess asked.
I said I will stay willingly if my family is left out of this. There is no escape plan Bess.
Such a good girl... Bess grumbled.
I sat in a cold white, metal chair in a small white room. It had black marble floors and the chair sat in the middle. I was strapped in with leather bands of shard. The Nurse Susan rubbed a wipe on my neck. I remember section 4 of the book the SDs gave me. It was about the healers and healing herbs. There were 6 kinds of healers. Blood, Skin, Bone, Muscle, Organ, and Multi. Susan was a Multi (from what I’ve heard).
Susan picked up a black box and took out a large syringe. A orange liquid splashed around inside the tube.
“N-No!” I screamed.
She gestured for Jon to hold my head still. Once secure she stepped forward and plunged the needle into the side of my neck. The serum made me scream in agony, it burned like fire. Bess was worse. She cursed and screamed until finally she was out and I was alone with my thoughts. I gasped.
“Goodnight Sky...” Jon muttered. I stared at him confused until I felt Susan insert something into the back of my neck. Then I blacked out.
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