Two girls who like the same boy. What will happen?
Truth or Dare.
My name is Serendipity. I am in seventh grade and I am 13 years old. This is my story.
Everything started on a Monday. I had just invited all my best friends over for a sleepover and was walking home with my best friend Ivy when she asked me who I had invited over. “Well obviously, Katie, Isabella,Mia, and Cassie. When they arrive, we will order pizza and play some fun games such as bloody Mary and Truth or Dare, and after that we will watch a few scary movies. The whole day and night will be the most epic sleepover of the year!” I replied. “Well, what about your parents?” Ivy asked me. “ Oh, today they are going out for a long party and they won’t be here till like 4 A.M, so we have quite a while for fun.”
By 6:30, everyone had arrived. We played bloody Mary, hide and seek (Mia won), along with some other games and ordered pepperoni and cheese pizza. After we ate, we played some board games. Lastly we played Truth or Dare.
“So, who is first?” Mia asked. There was a long,silent pause. “ I guess I should go first.” Isabella replies with a sigh. “and then Katie, Mia, Ivy and Serendipity.” “Sounds fair enough.” I replied
I never knew how badly tangled I would be in this game.
“So, Isabella, truth or dare?” I asked. “I guess I will take... a dare. Give me a dare.” she answered. “Okay. This is your dare. I dare you to... go outside with no jacket and dance like a crazy person.” Isabelle paled at the thought of this but immediately replied “ I will do it. But for how long?” I thought long and hard. “How about...20 minutes?” I replied. Isabella paled even more at this, but reluctantly agreed to do it. “and you need to be filmed.” I added with a smirk. “What?! Is this really necessary, Serendipity?” Isabella said. “A dare is a dare. You have to do it, Isabella.” Mia said. “Alright,fine, I’ll do it.”
Two minute later, Isabella is outside, chattering from the cold wind and temperature, and dancing like a crazy person. I was in charge of the camera, but I was laughing so hard I had to hand it to Mia. “Okay, Katie your turn. Truth or dare?” Isabella said. “Um... I will do a truth”she replied. “Hmm...I got a good one. Is it true that you like Mark Malone from eighth grade?” “WHAAT????”Katie replied with a beet red face. “I do not!” “Your face says that you do.” Mia smirked. “Okay, fine, but only a little bit.” “Ha! So you do like him!” Mia shouted. “Alright, fine, I do like him! Happy?” Katie replied sourly. “You bet I am!” Mia said happily. “How about we move on.” I said. “Ivy, your up next.”
“Okay, truth or dare.” Knowing Ivy, she would most likely do a dare. “I will go with dare.” Yup, there it is. Just as I thought it would be. “I knew you would say that, so I prepared a special dare for you. Your dare eat three spoons of mayonnaise!” Everyone groaned at the thought of eating a three spoons of mayonnaise. But, Ivy being Ivy, she couldn’t and wouldn’t skip this dare. “I’ll do it.” Ivy said. We went downstairs and I took out the mayonnaise jar and brought out a spoon. I also secretly took out my phone to record the whole thing. After ivy gagged down the last spoon of mayonnaise, and we went back up, I showed everyone the video. “Why did you record it??? No one should ever see it. Delete it right now!” She said as she lunged for the phone to delete the video. “It’s too late. I already posted it on Facebook for everyone to see.”
“What did you do, serendipity? Did you just say that you posted it on Facebook?” Ivy said, flabbergasted. “Gotcha! You actually believed me that I had posted it on Facebook!” Everyone laughed at this because they knew what I was going to do except Ivy. Ivy eventually joins in the laughter, but not before she promises to give me something horrible on my turn.
“Serendipity, your up now” Ivy said with a devilish smile. Oh no. I know that smile. It means that something bad is about to happen and that she is the cause of it.
“What do you plan on doing Ivy?” I nervously said. “Just something to pay you back for what you tricked me into” Ivy replied with another devilish grin. Oh dear. This is going to be very interesting.
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