Fast forward, pause...
A party to remember
The sound of laughter filled the air, and champagne glasses clinked. The whole atmosphere was really new, and not in a good way. I was anxious, and I rubbed my little pearl necklace that I had received from my father years ago, before he and my mother had died in a tragic accident. My aunt, Shay, caught my eye from across the room.
“Not the partying type?” she said hoarsely, as she waltzed across the room to get to me.
“Not at all. I might leave, this place gives anxiety, too many people. A book sounds much better.” I said coldly, slightly angry at aunt Shay for making me come.
“Beth, come on! It is new years eve, and there is nothing to lose this year!” She laughed. As if on cue, my aunt tumbled to the floor. The adults seemed too busy to actually pay attention.
“Aunt Shay!” I yelled, pulling her over, off of her side. She was breathing, but she must have fainted. Then I noticed a pin in her side. She was hit with some sort of dart. Voices chattered and chuckles echoed through my brain. Did nobody see the person on the floor? Or worse, did nobody care? I called out for help ,but I was invisible in the sea of people. I went back to Aunt Shay after searching for people, but she was gone. She was kidnapped, I’m sure. The clock on the was was seconds away till midnight. The crowd mumbled the words
“Five, four, three, two, one... HAPPY NEW YEAR!” Glasses clattered and people celebrated. I yelled in all the commotion, and then everything went dark. the noise of people stopped, the clatter of glasses became silence.
“Hello?” I yelled. Desperately hoping that this was just a dream. A light-bulb on a string fell from the everlasting darkness. A dim and ominous light illuminated the area. Footsteps. A unmistakable sound of clattering heels.
“Looks like you were in a pickle.” A voice called. It was a soft but menacing voice, like a person with power to destroy you, but they didn’t. They walked into the light of the light-bulb. She was tall, and had brunette thick curly locks. She wore a dress full of dazzling beads, and red heels.
“Who.. Who are you?” I asked, stunned and shocked, taking a small step back.
“It is to no importance on who I am, the clocks ticking. Let’s just say... I’ve got a little special power. I don’t have much time to explain, but your aunt was an important figure in the Magic Commission, and her life is important to the balance of the dark and light powers of magic. You must save her, Beth.” The words flew over my head. Magic is absolutely insane, but it is the only logical explanation for this. I nodded slowly as the color of the pub I was in drained into the darkness. The woman gave me a slight nod back, fizzling away like grains of sand blown into the wind.
The sound of laughter filled the air, and champagne glasses clinked. The whole atmosphere was not really new, I have definitely been here before. My aunt, back from being kidnapped, caught my eye from across the room. This can not be happening.
“Not the partying type?” she said hoarsely, as she waltzed across the room to get to me. Not. Again.
“Get out of here. Somebody out to get you and-“
“I know.”
“What? You were shot with a needle and-“
“You need to trust me Beth; let me get shot, and I promise I will be fine.” She said, looking at the clock anxiously. As if on cue, my aunt tumbled to the floor. Just breath.
“It didn’t work! Everything was going according to plan and-“ A loud and cranky voice screeched.
“Lean forward!” A louder and more demanding voice called. I turned my head to see a man in his mid-fifties being cuffed by an officer. Another officer approached me and smiled. What is there to smile about? My Aunt could be taken away to who knows where!
“Remember me?” The officer asked as she leaned towards me.
“You are the magic woman...” I breathed.
“Correct. Shay will wake up soon. I am so sorry to put you though this, and I’m sure your aunt is too. We needed you to catch this violator of sorcery. You have magic too, you have the power to warp time itself. Just like me.” She explained. I looked down at her neck, noticing a little shimmer. A pearl necklace. No. MY pearl necklace. That means...
“I’m you! Wait or are you me? “ I blurt out.
“Haha, never gets old. Time warping is a very special ability. You can meet your past self, even. Your aunt will teach you a lot, or well, my aunt too. That is why I didn’t share my name. It would give too much away. I must return to the Magic Commission, Farewell, Beth.” She said, fizzling out in the same way she did earlier. I sat on the ground next to Aunt Shay. This is going to be a party to remember.
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