Book One of The United League Of Heroes Saga
Rise of the Heroes
Three white tigers ran through a jungle, pursuing a boar, which was going to be their prey. One of them was young, and straggling behind the other two. This was his first time hunting, and he was excited.
“Catch up, Noah!” one of the older two tigers yelled to the younger tiger. “It would be nice to come back with food from your first hunt!”
“I’m coming, Moses!” Noah yelled, getting a burst of speed. “I’ll catch that boar!”
Noah ran in front of both Moses and the tiger in the lead, whose name was Elizabeth.
“Noah, wait! Slow down!” Elizabeth yelled as Noah leaped to catch the boar.
The boar turned at the last second, making Noah crash head-first into the grassy ground. Noah began to topple down a hill, letting the boar get away.
The young tiger banged his head into something and looked up to see a large wooden statue the tigers had set up centuries ago.
To some, it may look like the letter t. But to these special tigers, it was more.
“Oh, hello there!” Noah happily greeted the wooden statue.
Standing to his paws, a dizzy Noah saw Moses and Elizabeth coming down the hill.
“Are you all right, Noah?” Moses asked.
“Better than ever!” Noah energetically answered. “I love this place!”
“So do I. But I hadn’t even realized that we were this close to His part of the island,” Elizabeth agreed. Then, Elizabeth squinted her eyes and lumbered to a small pool of crystal-clear water. “But when did that tiny pond get here? I don’t remember it.”
“In all my years on this island, I’ve never seen it, either. And I visit this place often!” Moses exclaimed as he joined Elizabeth.
Noah trotted over to the older two white tigers and eagerly yelled to them, “Wait for me!”
As the three tigers looked in the tiny pond, they found that there was nothing in the pond except water and a glowing purple stone at the bottom.
“What is that?” Elizabeth asked.
“I don’t know, but now I’m glad Noah fell down that hill. This might be from Him. I mean, look at where we are right now!” Moses answered.
About to pounce into the water, Noah exclaimed, “Well, let’s get the glowing rock-thing out and see what it exactly is!”
“Be careful, Noah. It may break easily,” Elizabeth cautioned him.
Flicking his tail, the young and playful tiger replied, “Don’t worry, Elizabeth! I’ll be careful!”
Noah jumped in the water, and made his way to the bottom. Carefully picking up the purple stone in his teeth, he swam back to the surface and gingerly lied the stone on the grass.
“We should take this to Chief Isaac. He’ll know what to do,” Moses told the other two, picking up the stone and agilely running through the forest, back to where all the other tigers on the island lived.
A few days had passed since the rock had been found, though no one still knew what it was or where it had come from.
The leader of the large group of tigers, Chief Isaac, emerged from his den in a cave and lumbered to the top of a rock that overlooked the rest of the tigers’ home.
Chief Isaac placed the glowing purple stone in front of him, which was glowing brighter every day.
Slowly, other tigers sat in a grassy clearing that they could see Chief Isaac from, and all the white tigers became silent.
“After lots of time with Him,” Chief Isaac started, “I have concluded that this stone is a gift from Him, and will someday, not too far in the future, transform into a warrior that will help this Earth become a better place. But, we need one of you to take care of this stone, while she is in her stone form and when she is alive.”
“The stone will become a female tiger?” someone in the crowd shouted.
Chief Isaac nodded. “Is there anyone willing to take care of her? While it will be a great honor, this job may cause a burden, as well.”
One mother tiger, named Naomi, stood to her paws and announced, “I will do it. I will take care of His gift to us.”
Naomi was a mother to three young cubs until one of them until one of them unexpectedly died. Naomi was also the mate of Chief Isaac.
Chief Isaac nodded again as Naomi walked to the top of the rock, where she picked up the stone. “You’ve made a good choice, dear. I’m sure He is pleased with your choice.”
Naomi took the stone to her den, and placed it on a rock covered with moss. Her two cubs, Ezekiel and Joseph, playfully bounded into Naomi’s den, squeaking, “We want to see! When’s she gonna turn into one of us?”
“Patience, cubs. Our little tigress will come out of her rock soon.”
That night, the stone became brighter and brighter until the light woke Ezekiel and Joseph up.
“Is she coming out?” Joseph whispered to Ezekiel, peering up at the stone.
Ezekiel nudged the stone with his nose and answered his brother, “I think so!”
“Shouldn’t we wake Mom up? She’ll want to see!” Joseph asked in a hushed tone.
“Nah, I want to know if our new sister is really coming out of her stone!” Ezekiel whispered, backing away from the stone.
Suddenly, the stone began to melt away, revealing a small creature that the cubs had never seen before. She had a small string around her neck, with another glowing purple stone on the string.
“What is it?” Joseph asked, sniffing the creature. She didn’t look like a white tiger, and she sure didn’t look like any of the animals the hunters brought back.
This creature was pale, had no fur, no stripes, and her paws had strange things on them that weren’t furry, and she had no claws. She had a strange face, and on top of her head was a tiny patch of something that looked like fur, but it was as purple as the stone on the string.
The creature began to cry a high-pitched cry, waking Naomi up. She saw the tiny creature and immediately realized what happened. The stone had come to life.
Ezekiel, who saw his mother get up, asked, “What is it, Mom? I thought that the stone would turn into a tiger!”
Naomi circled around the creature and told her cubs, “This is what a human cub looks like. I also thought the stone would turn into a tiger, but apparently, He had something different in mind.”
“Didn’t we come to this island so we could stay safe from the humans?” Joseph asked.
Naomi nodded. “Centuries ago. But it seems like it’s time we got to know the humans better. Don’t worry, He knows what He’s doing. He always does.”
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