Caution: Risks ahead
Of Risk
As The Sun
Differences divide, the spice of life burns your eyes as the sun, as the sun. Blackened roads and greying skies, the sun is as it is, as it is. Enfolding, exiting, damp and lifeless, as such a carcass...
Brett leaves his class shaking like a wet dog, eyes wide open. Sadelle and Mariah come out next, laughing to the point of almost tears and snorting as well. Aidan jogs out and puts his hand on Brett’s shoulder encouragingly, smiling weakly.
“Hey, dude. It wasn’t too bad, eh?” Brett scowls and pushes Aidan away violently, then clutches at his sides self-consciously. Aidan worriedly watches him leave.
“Aidan, who’s the idiot now?” Sadelle cackles.
“Yeah, there’s only one spot for a fool, and now it’s taken. Watch out, he’s coming for you, AHH!!” Mariah doubles over and laughs even harder. Aidan sneers and straightens up threateningly.
“It was nothing. There is nothing wrong with Brett, and we all know it. Call me a fool? You’re the ones who thought a rabbit was actually called an antelope.” Mariah suddenly stops laughing and growls at Aidan.
“You dare insult me and my Source, you need to watch your mouth, peasant.” She whips around, grabbing Sadelle by her wrist and marching away. Aidan rolls his eyes and runs back after Brett, fearing he had lost him. He finally finds him standing outside his next class fidgeting wildly.
“Aidan... there’s no point in trying to help, it’s true.”
“Brett, no, I’m sure it’s not...” Aidan pats Brett on the back and he flinches.
“Dude, I’m not kidding. Lay off, I need time alone,” Brett retorts and trudges into his classroom, a face like death on his face. Aidan watches him leave, trying not to cry.
¨H-how could he? That... imbecile!” He storms off, leaving a trail of strange silver liquid gleaming on the floor.
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