First Day Of School
I felt as if everybody was looking at me. I am the only boy to ever have a robot arm! Of course they’re looking at me. As I approach my new locker, I slip and drop all of my books. Great... just great. I go red in the face and quickly grab my stuff from the floor. I jam my rusty key into the lock and wriggle it around. The locker door opens, revealing a very limited space to keep my things in. Stuffing my books in, I realize a girl is standing beside me.
Her pale skin shimmers in the daylight and her golden hair falls perfectly. She stares at me with bright blue eyes. “Hey. I’m Emma.” She holds her hand out to me. Taking it I say. “Aiden!” A kind smile spreads across her pretty face. Soon, a tall boy exposes himself. “Hello Aiden!” I examine his face. It is not familiar to me. “Do I know you?” I ask...
Authors Note:
Hi guys this is my first ever chapter on storybird. I hope you enjoyed it, I know its short. Please excuse this as my next chapter will be extremely long in apology for this one. Thanks for understanding. Comment if you would like me to continue this story. If so please leave a heart as well. Thanks Bai!!
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