Let Your Imagination
Run Wild
People Call Me Crazy
July 18, 2013
My name is Jojo Johnson, I have a huge imagination. To me, everything has its own personality.
For example, yesterday I was eating spaghetti, and each noodle said something different:
Noodle 1: No! Don’t eat me!
Noodle 2: Don’t be such a wimp.
Noodle 3: Whee! Here I go! Yay, I’m in a stomach!
Noodle 4: I’ve dreaded this moment. Why did they have to cook us? WHY?!
...and so on. Sometimes, though, my imagination gets me in trouble. Like last week at school. I was making noise with my chair, and my teacher asked me to stop. I said to him
“I’m not making noise, my chair just doesn’t like me.” The whole class laughed, but the teacher didn’t.
When I do it in public, people give me strange looks, like I’m doing something wrong. I would talk to a box of Cheez-Its and say
“Do you guys like being bought and eaten or not?” Then, in a different, silly voice, I would say
“No, we certainly do not. No way!”
People often make fun of me or say I’m crazy, but I tell them,
“Well, maybe YOU should have a better imagination!” They give me a look and walk away.
Let me know what you think of the story so far. :)

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