The Text that made my new year’s eve
Running Together
I am Rachel Woodward
I am Rachel Woodward.
That’s me, my fake name at least.
Not allowed to tell you my real name because I’m a criminal. Literally. I was born in a criminal family, grew up in a criminal society, attended a not-so-good but there criminal public school, went to prom there and fell in love there too.
If that makes sense.
I mean, CCity, or Criminal City’s pretty normal, like any other American city, except the fact that nobody knows about us and our location which I can’t tell you. We have fashion trends like any other. Ripped jeans, chokers- you name it. Teenager families opt for special courses but except that, we do have prom and shopping and all the rest. We don’t steal in Criminal City itself, course, we only steal from outside.
If you think that we can kill, we can’t. It’s not allowed. We can only burgle, hack and steal.
I wanted to be a stealer, though my parents wanted me to be a computer hacker, like them. I ended up a stealer only, and a good one too at that. Hacking just wasn’t my grip.
In university, I fell in love with David Peterman (not real name), my fellow stealer. He was a grade above me and we began to date in my second year and his third.
After he graduated, he took me to see his parents. And they.. they didn’t like me. They were high-ranking individuals at the embassies that issue us fake visas. David convinced them somehow and we were in a kind of ‘ok’ situation but it felt unhealthy with his parents’ forced smiles and his sister, Nancy, constantly asking me about my wardrobe and vacation spots.
So naturally, David and I fought. And we broke up.
What the nagging of our friends hadn’t been able to do for over two years, was achieved within two months at his parent’s.
However, few weeks ago David reached out to me. Seems... he wants me back.
I mean, it said-
Dear Rachel,
I want you back. Things aren’t the same.
But... his Crimegram account shows him with another girl.
I’ve cried a lot since then. I mean, I cry every night. And he hasn’t posted on Crimegram for over two months.
Can I trust him? Can I wait?
I’m horribly confused right now. And that’s why I’m waiting for his reply... too hard.

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Chapter 2

I am still Rachel Woodward

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