A Classic Whodunit
Sacramentum Manor
It seemed to be a particularly normal day at the Sacramentum Manor. Nothing was out of place. The maid was washing the dishes, the gardener was planting roses, the cook was preparing only the finest chicken, and the butler was serving the afternoon tea to the head of the Sacramentum family, Dwight “Tate” Sacramentum.
Being only 25, Tate was a young master. But despite his young age, Tate was very mature. He finished all his work without stress, and had a strong voice when it came to ordering people around. He was a mighty leader, and he knew it.
One day, Tate heard the maid let out a loud scream. Then, the gardener, and then the cook. Tate instantly ran out to see what had happened, despite the load of paperwork on his desk.
“Miss Kylie, what ever has happened?” Tate asked the young maid. Kylie stuttered. “The tea sets!” She screeched. “All gone! Stolen!”
Tate looked at the place where the sets usually were and realized that Kylie was indeed right. He nodded his head but kept moving, going to the gardener next.
“Look at this!” The gardener yelled. “All the flowers were picked and stolen! Now the garden looks a mess!” Tate looked. The garden indeed was atrocious. He sighed, shook his head, and moved onto the cook.
“Master Tate! All the contents of the freezer are gone! Now I can’t make the Pan-Fried Steak with Beef Tenderloin Cubes that you wanted!”
Tate stomped his foot in aggravation. Someone in the manor had to have stolen the Tea Sets, Flowers, and Freezer Contents.
Tate sighed. “I shall deal with this, never shall you worry.” He said. And he repeated that to all the servants. Then, Tate went up back into his office, where his paperwork awaited him. But he had no time for paperwork right now, he needed to make a call.
“Hello, Detective Ronald Hayes Speaking.”
“Hello yes, there has been a problem. I think you can tell who I am?”
“Well my lord, if it isn’t Mister Dwight Sacramentum! What seems to be the problem?”
“Well you see, Detective, it seems that there has been a robbery at my own Sacramentum Manor. A whole classic whodunit.”
“I see, I shall be right over. Don’t you worry, Mister Dwight Sacramentum.”
Tate heard the click and put the phone down. He sighed and started on his paperwork. He got through about 3 packets before he heard the knock on the door of Detective Hayes. The butler answered, bowing while letting the detective in.
Tate came walking to the front doors, and Detective Hayes bowed. “Hello, Mister Dwight.” The detective said. “Where is the case?”
Tate grimaced. “I believe the case is in the dining hall, garden, and the kitchen.” Detective Hayes’ eyes widened, but he went to the dining hall to start asking the questions while Tate went back to his paperwork.
“Hello Miss, may I ask you a few questions about what has happened here?” Detective Hayes asked the maid, Miss Kylie.
Kylie flustered. “W-Well, I was going to get the t-tea sets out, but they were all gone!” She said, exasperated.
Detective Hayes wrote that down. “Now where is the tea usually?” He asked. Kylie walked him to the cabinet where the tea sets usually were. Detective Hayes did his thing, and then thanked Kylie and went to the garden.
“Hello, are you the gardener?” The detective asked the man in the garden. “Yes, I am.” The gardener said in an irate tone. “And who are you?”
“I am Detective Hayes, nice to meet you.” The detective said. “What happened here?” The gardener threw his hands in the direction of the missing flowers. “What happened?!” He said. “What does it look like? My whole stinkin’ garden is missing!”
The Detective nodded. “Alright, please tell me which types of flowers were here before they went missing.”
And so the gardener listed all 20 types of flowers that were in the garden, along with the five different types of trees. Detective Hayes thanked the gardener and went into the kitchen.
“You must be the cook.” Hayes said to the young man with the messy dirty blond hair. The cook looked up. “Yes, and who are you?” He said.
The Detective tipped his hat. “I am Detective Hayes, here to figure out what is going on. What seems to have gone missing?”
The cook looked in the freezer. “Hmm...” He said. “I seem to recall there being pork, beef, chicken, salami, bologna, ham, turkey, pepperoni, salmon, tuna, tilapia, cod, lobster, crab...” And on and on he went until the detective had a full list of the contents of the freezer. The detective thanked the cook and looked at his lists.
The China Tea Sets were missing. This means the very fancy set reserved for special occasions, the guest tea set, the normal tea set, and the decorative tea set. The Garden was missing it’s Daisies, Hyacinths, Roses, Irises, Lilies, Peonies, Sunflowers, Waxflowers, Dahlias, Heathers, Narcissuses, Proteas, Snapdragons, Tulips, Orchids, Pear Blossoms, Gerberas, Daffodils, Asters, and Carnations. Not to mention the trees: Oak, Birch, Sassafras, Beech, and Cherry Blossom.
The cook was missing many types of meat, and seafood out of the freezer.
And his long list followed that. “Alright.” Hayes thought to himself. “Time to get on with this case!”
The Detective searched the house, looking for signs of anything. He found nothing except a piece of china from a tea set. He put it in his pocket and kept looking.
After a good two solid hours of searching, Hayes found only the piece of china, a petal off a Dahlia, and the tail of a shrimp. He frowned. Then, he wrote down where he found the clues.
The china piece was near the ballroom.
The Dahlia petal was further forward from the ballroom, near Mister Dwight’s bedroom.
The tail of the shrimp was at the end of the hallway, near the butler’s quarters.
As the detective looked back on his notes, he noticed something. These clues were in some sort of path. Suddenly, he had it. He ran to Mister Dwight’s office and knocked on the door.
He heard a mumbled, “Come in.” and entered. Tate looked up and his eyes widened. “Have you figured it out?” He said, eager to hear.
Hayes smiled. “I believe I have, Mister Dwight.” Tate stood up. “Well?” He said.
“This thief that has robbed your house, he isn’t a stranger.” Hayes said. Tate’s eyebrows raised. “And?”
When Hayes talked, his voice was low and mysterious.
“The one guilty of all the stolen goods, is indeed...”
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