Book One
Sadly, Not
Everything in my world turned upside down the moment I met Jordyn.
He was everything my dream boyfriend would be. Shaggy, ivory colored hair with swept bangs, seaweed green eyes with long, thick lashes, and creamy, smooth skin. So handsome. So magical.
No wonder it felt like a dream the second he laid eyes on me.
I don’t know what he felt when he saw me. Or when he talked to me. I know I felt dizzy. Like I was having one of those crazy hallucinations that I get in the summer. It is so hot in Texas.
I’m not a normally brave girl who just walks up to a total stranger boy and talks the heck out of herself. No way, jose. Jordyn, on the other hand... he just walked up to me like he does this everyday.
Maybe he does.
“Hey,” he said, glancing at me with those dreamy eyes of his.
I coughed and looked behind my shoulder to make sure he wasn’t talking to someone else. All I saw was this little kid slapping her pink tongue against a sticky lollipop. Maybe she was his little sister. I doubt it.
“Um, your name is Kimberly David, right?” Jordyn continued.
“H-how did you know my name?” I sputtered, astounded. I wasn’t exactly popular around these plains.
“I just knew,” he replied with a wink.
I twirled my hair in admiration. Mysterious. I like that in boys.
“Well, why are you wasting your time talking to me?” I asked with a slight roll of my eyes, trying to make it sound like I’m not trying to impress him.“You look new around here. We don’t exactly recruit beach babes.”
There it was, my edgy Texas talk getting in my way, like usual. I think I get it from my mom. I could’ve slapped myself for my ridiculous language.
Jordyn shifted his legs, as if he was sort of uncomfortable. “Well, I just, I don’t know. You’re right- I am new. I moved here from North Dakota. I’m not exactly a ‘beach babe,’ but I’m glad you noticed me.”
Jordyn Blake was glad I noticed him? I’m a scrawny sixteen year old girl with choppy shoulder-length black hair and Asian features scattered everywhere on my face. How could I not notice a perfect boy like him?
And why would he be glad an ugly girl like me had?
“Uh, yeah. Sorry about that awkwardness. I’m the queen of awkward conversations,” I said, giggling despite the nervous tension in the air.
“I can tell.” Jordyn wiggled his eyebrows.
“Is that meant as a compliment or an insult?”
I rolled my eyes at him. “You are such a bad boy.”
“Oh yeah? You don’t know half of it.”
“I’m sure I will soon,” I said, then blushed. “I mean, if you let me get to know you better. I bet you break tons of rules.”
I feel so stupid right now.
“I have no limits.” Jordyn nodded.
“What about the sky?” I asked.
“Sea is great, land is better, and sky is a place for terrifying height fears.”
I like this boy more and more with every word he says.
I just kind of stared into his eyes some more. I can’t figure out what vibe he’s trying to give off. He’s playful, but he also admitted that he can be a real bad boy. He’s also mysterious, in an adorable sort of way.
So what the heck?
Jordyn’s eyes fluttered as if he had something in his eye. “Well, Kim... can I call you that?” he questioned.
“Yeah, all my friends do. They also call me Kim-Bunny, but please don’t call me that!” I blurted.
“Oh my gosh,” Jordyn said with a laugh, “I will never call you that.”
“Thanks. But, shouldn’t we, uh, be going home? The bell rang, like, five minutes ago,” I babbled, “and I have a huge quiz or whatever tomorrow and I need to study, like A LOT.”
“Well, okay. Bye.”
I started to walk away, my face flushed red as the tomatoes my dad and my brothers grow in the spring. They are so flavorful and juicy, and my mom always adds them in our salad. The tomatoes that don’t go in the salad sit on the windowsill like a trophy.
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