Saved by Magic
Celestia walked down the dusty path, the moonlight beaming on her. Trees engulfed the path and wild animals roamed freely. Her tangled hair blew across her face and her shoes overflowed with flour. She walked down the path quietly, the only sound came from the wolves hollering at the full moon above. Stars twinkled in the cool summer night and tree leaves rustled against the wind. Crunch!
“Awe, you’re so cute!” Celestia smiled at a white furry bunny passing by. Its small eyes scanned her, then hopped away.
Celestia reached a small little cabin in the woods. A small campfire was lit just outside of the cabin. A girl slumped around the fireplace, a blanket covering her body.
“Celestia! You’re back early.” The girl jumped. “I was just cooking myself dinner, but now that you’re home, you can do it for me.”
Celestia rolled her eyes. “Woman up, Jenna. I can’t be doing your work anymore. Besides, it’s your turn to cook dinner.”
Jenna slouched. “Fine.” She snapped. Jenna turned back to the fire and watched the pot hanging over it.
Celestia dragged herself into the cabin behind the fireplace. Two small beds stood against the clay walls and knitted rugs and clothes covered the dirt ground like a blanket. Small bags of rice and beans hung from the straw roof. Celestia grabbed some fresh clothes and a towel and scurried to the lake behind her cabin.
She washed herself in the lake, scrubbing off dirt and flour off of herself. The lake was crystal clear and sparkled from the moonlight. Celestia explored the lake, and noticed a shadow dance on the surface of the water.
Curious and afraid, Celestia swam closer to the shadow . “Hello?”
“Who goes there?” A voice boomed.
“Celestia. Celestia Holly?”
A tail emerged from the lake and splashed water in Celestia’s face. Then a head rose from the water and smiled at her. She had curly pastel pink hair held back by a starfish. She had small freckles plastered on her face and baby blue eyes gleamed back at her. The girls tail sparkled with orange, sea shells embordered her fins.
Celestia jumped back in shock.

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