Saving Opaline
The Monsters the Color of Buttercups
The signal bell’s loud, clear ding vibrated through the small village of Opaline. We all dove into our homes and not a moment sooner, a huge red sneaker with white laces trampled on the village square and was gone just as fast.
So I’m guessing that you would like to know what is going on right now. Well, I’m going to assume that you don’t live in Opaline and you are either a goblin or a troll or something or a troll or something since we (we being my people) don’t normally read stories online. In that case you will need an introduction.
My name is Willow Crescent. And I am a sprite. Yes a sprite. I know that you know very little about them being the troll or goblin you are, but sprites are basically tiny creatures who represent the different parts of nature. I, for example, am a tree sprite. And this thing you are reading right now is a series of words that documents what I have done. I will not tell you, because the local story writer says those are called spoilers and everyone hates them. (By the way, we have story writers who write on thin pieces of very long wood, we still don’t read online. Just to clear that up.)
So we I live in the little village of Opaline. The signal bell is so that we can dive into our homes before the fearsome giants trample us. They usually don’t step on our houses because some of us live in water and some of us in trees. For the ones that live in huts on the ground, we designed them to look poisonous to reduce the possibility of the giants stepping on them. Brilliant right?
So continuing, the village of Opaline is one of the few sprite villages left. It all started this one day when I was doing the usual work, hauling owl, blue jay, hummingbird etc. feathers, to the village post office.They usually hand out the feathers to the people who need them. Like the tailor, the wing makers and the story writer.
Oh right, you might not know what the heck a wing maker is. The wing maker is the person who crafts all of our wings. When a sprite is about 5 years old, they get training wings and at 7, they get their official wings. He also does repairs. I remember getting my official wings like it was yesterday.
They were a beautiful shade of green. I would describe the color as the dark, but light, green of a willow tree. I believe it was made of the feather of a ruby throated hummingbird. They were the most beautiful wings ever as far as I was concerned. They were light, yet quick and durable.
I finally arrived at the post office. I went inside rang the bell on the counter. My best friend Sky (who was a water sprite and had the most gorgeous blue wings) raced over to the counter.
“Oh, hi Willow! Some feathers I see.”
“ Sky! Today I found two peacock feathers! Imagine the face of the lucky young sprite who would be getting them!”
Sky gazed admiringly at the peacock feathers.
“Wow... Would you trade your wings for these instead?”
“WHAT!? No way, I love these wings.”
“I know you do”, said Sky as she began to sort the feathers.
“Wait, why are you here anyways?”
“Oh, well, I got assigned here for the day”
“I never knew that they assigned post office jobs”
“Neither did I, it’s new I think”
Each developing sprite gets assigned jobs for the day until they grow old enough to chose a career. For instance, my assigned job was to collect feathers.
I said good-bye to Sky and flew out the little hut. My job was done for the day, so I decided to fly to my house to get some lunch. Suddenly, one of our scouts came into the village. She looked frightened.
I forgot the food. The yellow monsters haven’t been here in years.

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