Hazel Kekoa
The sun peeps through the branches above me and falls through a hole in my tent. My hazel eyes flutter open and I reach for the jug of water that sits next to my bed. I take a sip and crawl over to the other side of the tent. I pull on my boots and tie my hair back into a long braid. I grab my bow and quiver of arrows and pull back the flap to my tent. I climb out into the cool morning air and start climbing down the tree. Once I am about five feet off the ground, I let go and jump. My feet land silently on the jungle floor. I begin to walk toward the waterfall where there is usually some good game to hunt. Running toward the clearing, I position myself in a spot just across from the edge of the water. As soon as I have an arrow ready, I gasp. A huge animal sits across the water. It takes sips with it’s long tongue. It hasn’t seen me yet but it is sure to notice sooner or later. A huge tiger looks up and stares straight at me. I should be scared but instead I just stare at the gorgeous creature. I look into her beautiful golden eyes. There’s a screech and a flock of parrots fly into the clearing. The tiger stretches and walks toward me. I don’t move. I have to remember that this wild animal could kill me with one swipe of her powerful claws. She bounds over to where I am perched. I close my eyes, waiting for her powerful claws to pierce my skin. Nothing happens. I slowly open one eye. I can see her standing in front of me, her nose inches away from mine. I open the other eye. It’s clear that the tiger is not a threat. She doesn’t want to hurt me. I slowly reach out my hand and place it on the tiger’s head. There is a low rumbling sound and I realize that the tiger is purring! A long whistle breaks the silence and the tiger turns and runs off into the trees. I stand, dazed. I spot the school of fish swimming lazily in circles in the water. I shoot an arrow through one and snatch it out of the water. I run back through the trees and shout “Jade! Rose! I’ve got breakfast!”
* * *
Two faces appear at the door of their tent up in a tree. They both skitter down and jump to the ground. Rose and Jade are my little sisters. Jade is twelve and Rose just turned nine. The two of them share a tent because they’re not old enough to have their own. My tent is next to theirs, incase of any danger. I am sixteen, almost seventeen. I am strong and good with a bow and arrow. Jade knows how to use a knife and Rose doesn’t know how to use anything. Her only defense is her legs. She can run. She is faster than me. Whenever there’s danger I tell her to run away. As far as she can go. Right now she is running fast toward me and my fish. She and Jade tackle me and try to grab it out of my hands. I raise it up out of their reach and walk over to the makeshift kitchen at the foot of the tree. I tell Jade to start a fire while I prepare our meal. Once the fish is cooking, I set Rose on my lap and braid her long black hair. Jade takes the fish off the fire and we eat the entire thing in minutes.

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Chapter 2

The Faint Sound of Footsteps

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