sometimes, feelings can be larger than galaxies.
Scarah’s Galaxy
In a dramatic planet far far away...Scarah Frights has had quite a year. College, Love, Drama, Blood, Drama, Blame, and Lots. More. Drama. And just when she thought things couldn’t get more dramatic and mysterious, she has just been introduced to a mysterious vampire who somehow knows everything about her. She is utterly confused, and wishes all of this drama would just stop. But there is a feeling deep inside her that wants it to stay. And that feeling is getting bigger and slowly starting to control her. She had a need for drama, and is starting to become a huge dare devil. But how far will this feeling take her? Jumping out a window and shooting a gun was risky enough, but she keeps asking herself, how, did she end up in jail? How is she here now, in her old house sound asleep in her bed? And why, oh why does everything always have to happen to her?

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Chapter 2

Sweet dreams are made of...oh whatever, this dream is not sweet.

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